What are the benefits of White Label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in Nigeria

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Nigerian tourism is fast becoming one of the important growth drivers for the Nigerian economy. That’s why it is a great idea to start travel agency business in Africa or start international travel agency business in Africa. When the Nigerian government established the National Tourism Policy in 1990, the travel and tourism industry was given high importance.

The Nigerian High Commission provided guidance to the tourism sector on how to start travel agency business in Africa and how to start travel business online in Africa. At that time, the main focus of the government was to increase foreign exchange income and reserves, enhance rural enterprise growth, and achieve national integration. This triggered and is still inspiring many to start travel agency business online in Africa.

Why Nigeria is an attractive touristic country?

How can White Label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in Nigeria be useful?


  • Nigeria is still unknown for many people, and many travel franchisee opportunities in Africa have failed to provide information to them. Potential travelersand even entrepreneurs exploring travel start-up opportunities in Africa don’t have much information on the country.
  • Their knowledge is limited to the news provided by news media. So a travel portal built using Trip Mega Mart Online Travel Portal development in Africa can bridge this knowledge gap. Having an extensive informational section in the portal will do this. Common concerns and queries of visitors can be answered.
  • The informational section built using Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Development in Africa at nominal Travel Portal Development Cost in Africa can have city walks and village walks. These are video podcasts. They can be put up on the portal.
  • So that travelers can view these videos and can get a feel of the country. There could be a forum where visitors to the country can contribute their anecdotes. The forum should be up 24/7 and accessible.

Holiday planning

  • A travel portal can have integrations with holiday planning companies using Trip Mega Mart B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa or B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa. These companies specialize in providing holiday planning services in Nigeria.
  • Because there is much to see and do in Nigeria, first-time visitors might need assistance in tailoring their holiday. Using Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa such assistance can be provided by integrating holiday planning services.
  • It is not possible to cover the entire length and breadth of a huge country such as Nigeria in a few weeks. So visitors can instead focus on specific experiences.
  • It is common for visitors to Nigeria to manage their holidays by using a variety of experiences and activities. A holiday itinerary in Nigeria could start off with nature trails, visits to magnificent waterfalls, and un-spoilt beaches.
  • Then visitors can plan for city tours. There are many cities in Nigeria and they all have a distinct aura about them that is typical of any Nigerian city.

Booking services

  • Once in Nigeria, visitors may want to visit the beach and indulge in beach sports. They might want to have a look at the water sport facilities available, the quality of the speed boats, the credentials of the speed boat operators etc. Some tourists might be interested in Nigerian arts and crafts.
  • A Trip Mega Mart Travel technology solution in Africa can provide such varied and myriad booking services via a travel portal or mobile app.
  • They would want to book tours to the various arts, crafts, and folk culture centers in Nigeria. They might want experienced and knowledgeable tour guides, including language interpreters. All of these requirements need advance booking and reservation.
  • A travel portal built using Trip Mega Mart B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa should be able to handle this.

Booking services can also assist travelers to choose hotels, accommodations, and guesthouses of their liking at the preferred locations. A booking module of a travel portal should have this capability to handle complex booking requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of White Label Travel Portal Development For Travel Agencies In Nigeria

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