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Johannesburg is an important city of Africa in terms of finance and tourism. Earlier known for safari, Johannesburg has now emerged as a popular point for culture and arts. The Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill, Gold Reef City, Maboneng Precinct, Lion & Safari Park, Cradle of Humankind, Pilanesberg National Park, Pretoria, and the Lindfield Victorian House Museum are some of the tourist spots that bring travellers to this city from various regions.

Many travel agents have also set up their travel businesses here. As the competition is fierce, considering tourism portal development can help agents to stay ahead and witness a proper growth of their business.

How to Use Portals?

Here are some ways that obtaining a portal can add value to your business in more ways than one.

Booking Facilities

Opting for a GDS integration service is essential so that you can link your website with different service providers. This will enable you to let travellers book hotels, airlines or other travel services from your portal. This feature helps in ensuring that travellers prefer online platforms over physical agencies to meet their travel needs. Connecting with multiple service providers can allow you to provide more options to your customers along with better deals.


Offering customers, a travel agency software that is suitable to their needs is one of the most effective ways that you grow your business with a portal. While there are different purposes for which travellers would look into a travel website, connecting with them as per their interest can help in making the platform more relevant for them. This can contribute to the expansion of your customer base and can also allow you to earn more profit from your business.

Integrate Search Engine

Travellers must be able to search for hotels or other travel products on travel portals. While this information is also available on the internet, accessing it from portals means that travellers can check availability, prices and the feedback of fellow travellers. With an expert portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can integrate a hotel booking engine to your portal and let your customers choose hotels from a pool of options.

Notification Facility

Opting for a travel portal solution with professionals like Trip Mega Mart can allow you to send email notifications to your customers and keep them updated about their purchases. You can send newsletters and let your customers know about the latest developments in your agency. You can share with them upcoming tour packages and their prices. You can also send them e-tickets and ensure that they have a confirmed status of their booking.

Simple Verification Process

To help customers gain a good user experience, you need to offer them a simple process for logging in to their account on the portal. Rather than typing their details every time they are on their account, customers must be able to access the website easily with auto saved information. With a reputed travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart you can ensure the security of all data.

Finding a Good Travel Technology Development Company

Seek proper assistance from a well-established travel portal development company so you’re your teething troubles will be sorted without many hassles. Here are some aspects of a useful portal development company.

  • Commitment to Time - A good travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart will be able to commit a deadline for the deployment of the portal. It usually does not take more than a few weeks to develop a travel portal.
  • Experience - The company must have experience in catering to the needs of the domain that your business is modelled on.
  • Integration - You must be able to obtain a travel portal solution in Johannesburg that allows you to partner with various providers and expand your business effectively.

Hiring a suitable company is important so that you can build a portal that helps you to gain more from your business. You can enhance the effectiveness of your travel portal by adding a simple interface, integrating it to different services, optimizing it to suit the requirements of customers, and letting customers purchase travel products from the portal.

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