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The historic Egyptian city of Giza is situated on the west banks of the mighty River Nile near the city of Cairo. The plateau of Giza is where the magnificent Egyptian monuments are located which include the three tall pyramids. The Sphinx which is the sculpture of a man’s head on a lion’s body is also located here.

With so much to see and be a part of the world history, Giza attracts tourists from all across the globe. Having a travel agency in Giza is a dream many business minds contemplate and with travel portal development companies this dream can turn to reality from within the comfort of your home.

Trip Mega Mart is one example of a name that springs to mind that develops travel portals. They can assist you on how to start travel business online in Giza. With white label travel software integration, the website reacts quickly with a dynamic flight & hotel central reservation system, including availability and pricing.

White label travel portals

The white label travel portal/website enables travel agencies to book and sell travel services such as flights, hotels, vacations, car rentals, and bus tickets. These services may be delivered efficiently and rapidly by agents using a white label travel site. Additionally, one may manage online payment transactions efficiently to ensure the seamless operation of the firm.

Agents now have the option of adopting tailor-made, easy-to-use travel sites. However, these ready-to-use travel portals are beneficial primarily to brokers operating on a shoestring budget and unable to get a customized travel technology solution.

How can an agent build a white label travel site for travel agencies in Giza?

Trip Mega Mart is a white label travel portal development company that assists in creating business-to-business and business-to-consumer travel websites/portals. Its white-label system supports different currencies and languages and several city searches for flights that are integrated into the company's white label solution. It contributes to the advancement of global travel services. Additionally, the firm offers a simple connection for payment gateways for receiving online payments on a B2B and B2C basis.

The following API interfaces should be included in a white label website/portal or application:

  • Suppliers of airline tickets
  • Suppliers to hotels
  • Bus reservations
  • Booking Engine for Flights
  • Hotel Reservation Engine
  • Automobile rental scheme
  • Central Reservation System for Flights and Hotels
  • Vacation package scheme

How to start a B2B white label travel portal development in Giza?

Trip Mega Mart offers affordable white label portal solutions. It is helpful for agents who have limited financial and time resources to develop a white label travel website and are concerned regarding the cost to start online travel agency business.

This way, you may reach a more significant number of clients, therefore continually boosting your sales. Moreover, it will enable you to establish your brand with Travel Portal Solution.

Being a part of a travel agency franchise has several benefits:

More money in the bank

Because travel companies have such inexpensive start-up expenses, they're ideal for entrepreneurs of all financial means. Most franchises need an initial investment of tens of thousands of dollars, but others might cost millions. Before establishing your business, you need to acquire a physical store, recruit and staff training, and stock up on items and inventory. With a virtual travel agency, you won't have to worry about these high overhead charges. You won't require a lot of finance to get your firm off the ground and start reaping the benefits.

Greater adaptability

You may work from the convenience of your own home with the Trip Mega Mart travel portal. It implies that your working hours are flexible, and you have total authority over the work environment in which you perform. With the ability to work from anywhere on the globe, you can spend more time doing what you enjoy, whether that's more or less time working. A travel agency franchise benefits you and your clients since there is no inventory to manage and no geographic limits. Working from home has the extra benefit of allowing you to deduct some of your costs from your taxable income.

Additional benefits

There are several perks to owning a travel agency franchise. While getting started, you'll receive excellent marketing training and technical assistance in addition to fantastic rates on your travel arrangements.

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