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Kumasi is a diverse city of Ghana where people have a varied taste in culture, art, and architecture. As an ancient city of Ghana, Kumasi offers some beautiful and decade old structures that tourists find fascinating to explore. In terms of business, travel agents can find multiple opportunities here to sell different travel products. With the help of a travel portal solution, agents can manage tourists well. It is, hence, important that you have a portal to use for your online travel business.

What are Travel Portals?

Travel portals are platforms where travelers can check and purchase different travel products. What sets apart portals from travel websites is that travelers can make reservations and pay for the purchased services directly on the portal. In this sense, travel portals serve as a marketplace where agents who want to start travel business online can connect with customers and sell their products.

Features of Portals
Travel portals have a number of features that agents can utilize for setting up a successful travel business:

Search Engines

Portals allow travelers to filter their searches based on factors of their choice. If customers are looking for hotel suppliers within a certain budget, they can set the limit on portals and look for accommodations that suit their finances. In addition to this, portals let travelers choose services as per their preferred dates and location. If you wish to offer customers a car rental system through your agency, Trip Mega Mart can add search options on the portal through which customers can find information based on their requirements.


Portals play a significant role in the expansion of travel businesses by allowing agents to post their customers' feedback on the portal. As customers tend to look for recommendations while choosing travel services such as airline suppliers, making all relevant information available on your portal can help in gaining new customers for your business. It also helps travelers to make better decisions and save time in searching for reliable service providers who have a good reputation in the market. You can hire Trip Mega Mart for a portal that makes the best use of customer feedback.

Detailed Pricing

Portals allow agents to post information on the prices of services with as much details as required. You can mention price breakups for services like a holiday package system. This feature of a travel portal can help you to maintain transparency with your customers. You can ensure that your customers know the expenses involved beforehand without adding up any hidden charges after they purchase a product.

Payment Gateway

All travel portals are entitled to provide customers a platform that they can use for making financial transactions. But it is important that the gateway is safe enough to support sensitive data of customers. In addition to that, the gateway must also be simple to use. Customers should be able to enter details that are most relevant for the transaction. Asking for unnecessary details, such as the customer's address, must be avoided. The emphasis should be to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal that has every aspect of it easy to use. With Trip Mega Mart you can obtain a portal that has reliable and simple payment gateways for maximum satisfaction of customers.

Why opt for Travel Portal Development in Kumasi?
Travel portals, with its large variety of features, can bring a multitude of benefits to your business:

  • Portals give travel businesses the opportunity to have a global presence with the help of the online market. As the number of internet-based consumers increases, so do the chances of your business gaining visibility.
  • With a tourism portal development, you can add various products to your business. Portals give you the flexibility to scale your business as per your feasibility. Using the services of skilled portal developers like Trip Mega Mart, you can integrate your portal to several service providers at any time.
  • Providing superior service to customers becomes possible with travel portals. Portals let you address the concerns of customers from any location and at any time of the day. By hiring a travel technology company, you can also add advanced technologies to your portal and use features like chatbots to provide faster and more accurate resolutions to customers.

So, the best way to start travel agency online in Kumasi is with a travel portal. With the efficient service of Trip Mega Mart, you can have a reliable travel portal that can help you serve your customers well, make better sales, and also reach out to a larger population.

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