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Monastir is one of the best places to visit in Tunisia. The rich culture and history of the city attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Natural beauty is also abundant in Monastir. The Ribat, Habib Bourguiba Mausoleum, El Jem amphitheatre, Sousse medina, Bourguiba Mosque, and the beaches are among the popular sites for the visitors.

Monastir is also a land with ample opportunities for agents planning to start travel business online here. But as there are several other agencies in the competition, agents need to opt for portals to stay ahead of others.

Features of Travel Portal Solution

There are several features of a travel portal that can help you obtain an effective white label travel portal development in Monastir. Let us have a look at them:

Search Options

You can add different options to your portal to allow travellers to sort the results that appear while searching for any information on the platform. You can allow customers to narrow search results with amenities, location, budget or other essential details. This feature of a travel agency software can help the customers to spend less time on the portal and obtain the required information easily.

Payment Facility

By hiring a professional travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart you can integrate payment gateways to your portal and allow travellers to pay for the booking online. You can ensure protection of the sensitive details of the customers by adding a reliable gateway to the platform. You can also integrate payment gateways that allow travellers to pay for their purchases in different currencies and different modes.


You can use a travel portal to let your customers bookmark their favourite details or services on your platform. This can help travellers to save time for their future bookings. They can easily check the names of hotel suppliers or other service providers in the favourite list and opt for those providers when planning a trip.

Mobile Accessibility

Collaborating with a skilled travel mobile application development company such as Trip Mega Mart can help you to design a portal that travellers can use across devices. Very few travellers are likely to stick to their desktop for booking travel services. This is why you need to create a platform that is mobile friendly and that can be accessed across all locations.

Virtual Reality

Another useful feature of a travel portal is that you can use the platform to offer a virtual tour to the customers. With this feature, travellers can check their booked properties in a much better way. They can take a virtual tour of the external area as well, which can help them to understand the locality even more clearly.

How to Start Online Travel Business Agency?

Starting your travel business online may require certain procedures. Connecting with a renowned company which is adept at developing white label travel portals is the safest bet to do so. Let us see how to start an online travel agency business:

  • Building a Website - Online travel business would definitely need the support of a robust platform with which you can conduct your business effectively. This is why hiring experts like Trip Mega Mart is necessary. Seeking professional assistance will let you develop a reliable website for your travel business.
  • Add Relevant Products - There are various travel products that you can choose from for your agency. Depending on the market trends and your feasibility, you may opt for a holiday package system or choose to offer individual travel services to the customers.
  • Fulfil Legal Requirements - Though there are usually no legal requirements associated with an online travel business, you may need to obtain a licence for operating in certain countries. Additionally, you will need approval from the International Air Transport Association if you wish to integrate a flight booking engine to the portal.

There might be other factors that you need to consider to start travel agency online. But you will undoubtedly benefit from a travel portal for the proper growth of your business. You can use portals to offer a reliable payment gateway to your customers along with other facilities like enjoying virtual tours and maintaining their own list of favourite travel services.

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