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All cities of Uganda, including Kampala, has a rich culture and biodiversity to offer its visitors. Kampala, in particular, is full of busy streets that are crowded with local population as well as tourists. To be able to cater to the huge number of travelers of this city, travel agents need to consider tourism portal development that can ease their business tasks. With portals, you can ace the steps involved in the process of starting travel agency in Kampala.

How to Start Travel Agency Business in Kampala?

Starting a travel agency online means that you should have a platform from which you can conduct all tasks without necessarily leasing a physical structure. In other words, you would need to have a travel portal solution that can facilitate growth of your business. But before you find out how to get develop a website for your business, know what are the important steps involved in the process of starting a travel business.

Find Suitable Domain

Travel industry has various domains that you can explore. You can either create B2B & B2C travel website/portal and sell products to both travelers and business owners. Or, you can opt for a specific market and hire Trip Mega Mart to build you a B2B or B2C travel portal. Domain selection would necessarily depend on the kind of market you prefer to address.

Choose Products

The next important thing to consider is the kind of service that you would offer your customers. If you are interested in specific aspects of the travel industry, say accommodation, then you can partner with hotel suppliers and allow travelers to book hotel rooms with your agency. But if you are an expert in managing all services related to traveling, then hiring Trip Mega Mart to build you a portal that supports a holiday package system would be appropriate.

Fulfill Legal Requirements

Meeting rules and regulations laid down by the country's government is essential to have an ethically run business. To start online travel business agency in Kampala, you need to first incorporate your company. Determine the kind of incorporation that you would need for your business. Private limited is the most common structure that people choose for their businesses. But this would depend on your agendas and future goals for business. After the company incorporation is done, you can then turn to seeking required licenses. To operate a travel agency in Uganda, you can choose to register with The Uganda Association of Travel Agents (TUGATA) and other relevant bodies.

Hire Travel Portal Development Company

Since online travel businesses can sustain well with web-based platforms, creating an effective travel agency software is crucial. Companies like Trip Mega Mart that have experience in designing travel portals can help you get a reliable platform for your business. But there are certain features that enhance the usefulness of portals. Ensure that you have those features integrated on your portal.

Key Features of Portals

Here are some of the essential features that you can add to your portal to make it more convenient to conduct travel business online:

  • Chatbots - providing customers with instant responses to their queries becomes easier with chatbots. You can pre-determine responses to questions that come up frequently. This can help in providing resolutions faster and also more accurately. Trip Mega Mart can help you to have an effective chatbot feature on your portal.
  • Search Options - offering customers with an advanced search engine is important to ensure they are able to obtain required information in least possible time and also with minimum efforts. Options to filter search with price, location, budget, and other relevant details can increase the traffic on your portal.
  • Smart Bookings - opting for a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration for your portal can let you process booking requests instantly. You can also share the inventory of service providers with travelers and allow them to choose from the available tickets and prices. Moreover, this feature can make managing transactions easier as you can access the booking history of customers.
  • User Friendly - another useful feature that you can add to your portal is a responsive design. As the success of your company is largely dependent on viewership of your products, having a user-friendly interface can increase the time people spend on your portal. With Trip Mega Mart, you can even optimize the images and content of your portal to make it more visible on search engines.

Starting your travel agency in Kampala can be hassle free if you have a travel portal that can support all your requirements well. With an easy-to-use travel portal, you can offer diverse services to customers and obtain maximum success for your business.

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