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Travel business proves to be a great career choice for anyone who is enthusiastic about communicating with people and arranging trips. If you wish to start travel business online in places like Giza, you can find multiple ways to make profit. Being one of the most popular travel destinations, Giza is flooded with tourists at all seasons. Managing the crowd with online platforms that are loaded with multiple useful features makes things much easier for travel agents.

Features of Online Portals

Travel portals have some great features that enable you to grow your business effectively.

1. Portals allow customers to search for data on a real time basis. Be it the availability of hotel rooms or airline tickets, customers can access live inventories of service providers with the help of a GDS integration service. They can also compare the current rates quoted by different providers and choose ones that suit their requirements.

2. Hiring a skilled travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart gives you the advantage of creating a portal with a simple interface. This, in turn, allows travelers to browse through the portal with ease. They can view and purchase products without any difficulty or without needing any technical knowledge.

3. Portals let you connect with your customers in multiple languages. This feature plays an important role in the success of online travel businesses as the travel industry involves customers from different regions. Being accessible to them in their preferred languages increases the success rate of a business.

4. GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration feature of portals allows travelers to find the lowest tariffs. You can provide your customers with deals from multiple providers, each of which compete with prices.

5. Another great feature of portals is that you can integrate them to Google Maps. This helps customers to locate hotels across places. Once they know the area, customers can then make better purchase decisions. This would reduce customer complaints on the amenities of the place that they select. With Trip Mega Mart you can opt for this feature on your portal.

Travel Portal Development in Giza

Building a travel agency business in Giza with an online portal requires fulfilling some legal and general criteria.

Legal Procedure

To start travel agency online, you would need to register your business with the Egyptian Tourism Development Authority. You need to submit to them an application form along with certain documents. Required documents include:

1. Tax waiver letter for a new company or a Tax Clearance Certificate for an existing organization

2. Certificate of Incorporation

3. Copies of Articles and Memorandum of Association

4. Passport size photographs of company owners

5. Bank details

6. Application fees

Once your application is approved by the Tourism Development Authority of Egypt, you can focus on fulfilling the general requirements for starting the business.

Find your Market

The most crucial part of establishing a travel agency is finding your niche and the target market. This is an important step because there are several options that the travel industry offers to entrepreneurs. You can opt for a car rental system or any other aspect of traveling depending on what complies to your feasibility. Sticking to one's niche is profitable in the sense that you would have the required interest to cater to the domain along with acquiring sufficient knowledge on it.

Choose Products

What follows identifying your niche is selecting products that you would be selling to your customers. Tourism portal development gives agents the option to choose from a wide range of products. You can opt for a holiday package system or individual services based on your interest. One major positive aspect of portals is that you can support as many services as you wish to without any hassle. This is primarily because of the advanced technologies involved in the development of portals.

Hire Portal Developers

Next important step in creating an online travel business is hiring professionals who can develop a good portal. Choosing the right developer is crucial for determining the effectiveness of the platform. Unless you have a travel portal that is capable of addressing major needs of travelers, you would not be able to grow your business amidst the stiff competition. This is why most agents turn to Trip Mega Mart for their project.

Starting a travel business online in Giza is a great idea if you can plan your business well. Since most of the business needs can be met with travel portals, creating a productive platform with companies like Trip Mega Mart can help you to earn maximum profit from your business.

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