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Douala is a little town in Cameroon known for its beautiful natural life and for its rich historical heritage. This town had once been under German imperial occupation and traces of this history are still visible in the town’s architectural monuments even today. Tourists who visit Cameroon can make Douala their resting spot from where they take trips to nearby places like Mount Cameroon, the Limbe Wildlife Center and more. Entrepreneurs who start a travel agency business in Douala will be able to tap into this tourism business of Cameroon with the help of online white label travel portal solutions.

Penetrate the travel and tourism market with white label travel portal development

The days when people used to line up outside offices of travel agents to book their tickets and hotel rooms are long gone. This is the age when almost everyone uses the internet for all their travel planning needs. This has led to the emergence of a new sector in the travel and tourism industry, online travel portal solutions. But even traditional website development with months of coding is now going out of style. Smart entrepreneurs are now shifting to white label travel portal solutions. These are pre-built websites with preliminary features that can be customized for different businesses.

Trip Mega Mart is Cameroon’s most reputed travel portal design and development company. Their websites have a flight and hotel central reservation system. Customers can book flight and hotel rooms from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers using their computer and internet service.

Trip Mega Mart portals also have native payment portals and other booking engines like car rental systems and holiday package systems. Customers can choose the set of features that they like.

There are different website plans and every individual plan has its separate set of characteristics. But additions and alterations are possible and each change requires only a small fee.

After all the customizations, Trip Mega Mart delivers the fully operational website to their clients within a week. There is also a support system to help business owners learn all the nitty-gritty of the system. Admin controls are provided to the customers so that code changes will not be necessary for minor modifications and the business owners will be able to implement those actions themselves without help from software developers.

But Trip Mega Mart travel agency software clients do have to pay an annual maintenance fee for the continuity of their GDS integration service and some other important features. This maintenance fee is generally around 25% of the basic travel portal development cost.

Is a white label travel portal a viable business plan?

Many entrepreneurs are still skeptical about using a white label portal as their basic business infrastructure. They fear that a generic website will not be able to carve out its own market share. But Trip Mega Mart’s white label catalogue is huge and they also provide full customization for each site, making each one absolutely unique. If the business owner has the right marketing acumen, they can easily turn a Trip Mega Mart white label portal into an instantly recognizable brand.

Another common fear among entrepreneurs is expenditure. You will be glad to know that the white label travel portals are actually quite inexpensive. They are considered a low investment, but high return business plan.

Furthermore, Trip Mega Mart clients end up saving money on their business set-up because they do not have to purchase separate applications for different devices. Trip Mega Mart portals have the same speed and efficiency on mobiles, laptops, tablets and desktops. These portals also have a scaling action meaning that the same website can be scaled up from local level operations to international level operations. No new websites will have to be purchased.

Trip Mega Mart even has a very affordable payment plan to include individual travel agent portals within any travel agency software.

Generally, most clients are able to start earning well immediately after they get the delivery of their Trip Mega Mart sites. Those with proper marketing strategies are able to grow very rapidly and become extremely lucrative businesses. But more or less almost all Trip Mega Mart clients are easily able to cover their maintenance costs for the website and earn handsomely on top of that for their personal requirements.

So, if you also want to be an early bird and get in on the white label trend before it becomes more expensive, then book your appointment with Trip Mega Mart right away.

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