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Mwanza is the second largest city of Tanzania and a beautiful place to visit. It has various tourist spots, which includes the Rubondo Island, Samaki corner, Anglican Cathedral, European cemetery, Sukuma Museum, Saanane Island National Park and the Rock City Mall. The lively culture of this place attracts travellers from across the countries.

There are thousands of travellers that arrive in Mwanza, giving ample business opportunities to agents who wish to start online travel business agency. Catering to the diverse tourist population of Mwanza can become easier for agents with the help of travel portals.

Benefits of Portals

Today when almost the entire world is accessing the internet and conducting business there, travel agencies are also not leaving any stone unturned to make bookings easier along with accelerating their sales with the correct usage of white label travel portals. Portals can help your business in many ways, let’s have a look:


Tourism portal development with companies like Trip Mega Mart can play a significant role in helping your brand to gain better visibility. You can market your business effectively using portals. The opportunity of offering services to the internet based consumers can help in increasing sales as well as revenue. You can spend less on marketing and yet gain global customers by simply using a travel portal.

Personalized Products

Portals can allow you to check the purchases of your customers and understand their interest. This can help you to design personalized services that can allow your customers to gain a better experience with your agency. You can offer them a holiday package system that is suitable to their budget and other requirements. With professional portal development companies such as Trip Mega Mart you can add specific features to your portal and ensure that it is suitable to the products that you add.

Customer Engagement

Using a travel agency software for your business can help you to interact with your customers more effectively. You can address the needs of your customers at any time and also from any location. You can let your customers find answers to their general queries instantly. You can update them about their purchases without delay. You can also send them notifications and keep them informed about your business.

Simplified Processes

Another benefit of using a travel portal solution in Mwanza is that it can help in simplifying your business process. You can manage your business more efficiently with portals. You can keep track of all transactions without worrying about losing data. You can access information related to your business from remote locations by integrating your portal to the cloud. You can also offer various services to your customers without any hassle.

Building Low Cost Portals

While there are many advantages of using portals, the cost of building them can also be less with some strategies.

  • Use Templates - White label travel portal development allows agents to obtain a portal that is integrated with basic features. You can use those features for the proper execution of your business. Instead of making amendments or adding additional features to the website, you can continue to use the basic features wherever possible.
  • Outsource - Hiring a professional travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart can help in keeping the development cost of your portal at the lower side. This can allow you to obtain specialized services at affordable prices. You can avoid hiring resources for your company and get better results with the help of a dedicated team of professionals.
  • Choose Appropriate Domain - Choosing the right domain for your business structure is another important means of reducing the travel website/portal development cost. Depending on your target market you can add specific features to your portal. This can help you to avoid unnecessary features to the website and increase its development cost. With reputed companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can obtain a portal that can cater to the needs of your chosen domain in the most effective way.

Creating a reliable travel portal need not be an expensive affair if you can strategize the process appropriately. With the help of a travel portal solution, you can expand your business, improve interaction with your customers and offer them suitable products.

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