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Tamale, Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast are some of the main cities of Ghana that are offering tourists some beautiful sights of Africa to enjoy. Every year more and more tourists are now travelling to Ghana from all over the world. In order to cater to these tourists many travel agencies as well as online travel agencies have come up in Ghana. Now if you are an entrepreneur in Ghana that is looking to establish their first start-up then an online travel agency platform is the best bet for you.

International Travel Portal Development in Africa

The most reliable company for travel website development in Africa is Trip Mega Mart. They are known for their B2B/B2C white label travel portal development in Africa at very reasonable rates and with lots of exciting features. Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals are pre-built websites that can be customized to fit the requirements of different client businesses. They websites come with a highly sophisticated flight reservation system in Africa that works with GDS API integration. The API system can be applied for hotel booking, car booking and tour package bookings as well. This means that Trip Mega Mart websites are able to collect data in real time from a large number of different supplier sites and display it at once on the travel agency website. Customers can then make their purchases from the travel agency website itself.

Trip Mega Mart’s white label travel portal development for travel agencies in Ghana also makes sure to optimize each and every website for use across all kinds of devices and browsers. The websites are also meant to scalable, meaning that the websites can operate locally or internationally depending on the business owner’s preference.

Another major reason why Trip Mega Mart are regarded as the top travel portal developers in Africa is their payment portal which is built into the website. Every Trip Mega Mart website has its own payment portal with multiple encryption layers to protect from data leaks and fund losses. But the portals are also quick processing and payments can be completed with one click. When the business scales up and the business owner decides to integrate more payment methods, new gateways can also be easily integrated with Trip Mega Mart websites.

Trip Mega Mart also considers the long-term sustainability of their client businesses. This means that websites have strong admin access control features. This allows business owners with limited or no software coding skills to also make some minor front-end changes in the course of running their online travel business.

Web Designing for Travel Technology Solution in Africa

But in the highly competitive African tourism market it is not possible to get by only on the basis of functionality and service quality. Online travel agency owners need to offer their customers visually pleasing and unique customer experiences in order to retain their business.

So Trip Mega Mart employs very talented web designers from all over the world to customize each and every single website with the basic branding of each client business. Additional customizations in design features can also be accommodated for small extra charges. This kind of a personalized touch makes each website unique and easier to market to their target customer base.

But alongside design aesthetics there is also a simultaneous focus on usability. Trip Mega Mart websites have very user-friendly interfaces. Most customers can intuitively move across the different functions of the website and make their travel arrangements. A pleasant user-experience is absolutely essential for customer retention and lead conversion.

Travel Portal Development Cost: benefits of white label travel portal in Africa

Creating a completely new website requires a lot of technical knowledge of coding languages and is a time and skill intensive task. As a result, website development can be quite an expensive process. But white label websites on the other hand are much cheaper on account of being pre-built.

Trip Mega Mart offers a few different price plans for travel agency websites and there are different features available with each plan. Clients can even pay for their own extra customizations or features that they request. Individual portals for travel agents can also be incorporated into travel agency white label portals.

But Trip Mega Mart does charge clients 25% of their website plan as an annual fee. This fee covers basic maintenance requirements as well as the API supplier costs. All Trip Mega Mart websites use market leader API provider services.

Just like many other countries in Africa, even Ghana is under explored as a potential tourism hotspot. In recent years more tourists have started visiting the country and word of mouth is spreading about the exquisite natural beauty and exciting wildlife of this country. In the coming years when the international tourist community starts showing more and more interest in visiting Ghana there will be a massive growth in business for all travel and travel related businesses of the region. If you think you have the skills to leverage this development then join Trip Mega Mart’s client roster today and become the owner of a brand-new travel business in Africa.

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