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Being the third largest town of Kenya, Kisumu ranks much higher than the other cities of Kenya in terms of tourism. Travel agents can find a large number of opportunities in this town for expanding their businesses. If your travel business is based online, you can opt for a travel portal solution for conducting business efficiently. As travel portals do much more than providing travel specific information to customers, you can rely on them for the expansion of your business.

Features of Travel Portals

Travel portals are equipped with certain dynamic features:

Instant Service Booking

  • Portals can greatly reduce the time needed to process order requests. Travelers can check the current availability status of hotels, buses, and airlines with the help of GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration.
  • Being connected to the GDS means that all reports that your portal will pull up for the customers will be linked to the inventory of service providers. This will help in ensuring that you provide customers with live information. This also helps in confirming orders to customers instantly. Even if customers want to cancel a booking, they can move through the process without any delay.

Agent Logins

  • When you start travel business online, you come across the need for hiring resources for different tasks. However, not all would need to have access to your company's data. This is why portals allow agents to create separate logins and dashboards for both their internal and external customers.
  • Hiring a travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart will enable you to build dashboards for different members. These separate spaces within the platform can help you in organizing the various tasks of your travel business without causing any disruption in the workflow.

Payment Gateways

  • Portals are essentially platforms where travelers can purchase travel products. Unlike websites where travelers seek only information regarding travel destinations or services, portals allow travelers to proceed with booking services. This makes it necessary for a travel agency software to support payment gateways.
  • What is equally important is that customers have a secure platform that they can trust with their financial details. This is why you need to focus on maintaining the reliability of the gateway you choose. Much of this you can take care of with the gateway integration of Trip Mega Mart. Once you are able to offer customers security of their data, you can find huge sales occurring in your business.

Effective Travel Portal Development in Kisumu

While there are many useful features of portals that come as their integral parts, you need to focus on some specific aspects that can help in developing your business.

Attractive Images

As visual experiences make major impacts on onlookers, it is important that you design your portal with high-definition images and graphics. Providing customers with a virtual tour of hotel rooms is also trending these days. You can add such attractive features to your portal with Trip Mega Mart.

Responsive Design

The travel website/portal development company that you hire must be able to design a responsive interface for your portal. This feature is essential simply because portals find users from different regions with varying technical expertise. If the portal is not easy to understand and navigate through, you will lose half of the visitors and subsequently potential customers.

Optimized Content

Travel portal needs to have content that is informative, engaging, and also optimized. Given the kind of competition that prevails in the travel industry, being on top of search engines is crucial for success of the business. Tourism portal development with Trip Mega Mart can help you to build relevant contents for your portal.

Mobile Accessibility

Another feature that makes travel portals indispensable is providing accessibility to customers on smart devices. As more and more consumers are getting inclined to online platforms for making purchases, instances of viewing such platforms on smartphones is also increasing. With a travel mobile application development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can let customers book your services from any location.


For travel agents who wish to start travel agency online on the global platform, offering website content in multiple languages is necessary. Travelers from different corners of the world seeking online services are very common in this era. Multilingual portal helps in ensuring that you have customers who speak languages other than English.

Developing a portal for starting a travel business in Kisumu can help you in gaining customers and doing business with ease. Once you have the key features integrated on the portal, you can enjoy operating from an efficient platform that you can also rely on for getting success in the business.

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