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Many people may not have heard of Kano as a popular tourist destination. It is a city in Nigeria with beautiful historical sites and plenty of unique cultural experiences for people to enjoy. In recent years Kano has started growing as a major hub of tourism in Africa.

People from all over the world are showing interest in visiting this beautiful location. This has led to the growth of a thriving travel and tourism industry in the area. So, if you also want to be a part of this industry then you can purchase a white label travel portal solution as a cheap and easy way to gain a basic foothold in the market.

Setting up your travel agency software

A traditional travel agency with physical offices is an unnecessary expenditure in today’s day and age when all travel related services can easily be offered online. But even brand new online website development can be quite expensive for a first time business owner. So most start ups choose to take the help of white label travel portal development where a pre-built website is customized and delivered at an affordable price.

Trip Mega Mart is the most reputed travel portal design and development company in Nigeria. They create B2B and B2C travel websites using a white label framework. The features of these sites are as follows:

  • Real time data from airline suppliers and hotel suppliers is tapped using a GDS integration service to operate flight booking engines and hotel booking engines within Trip Mega Mart portals.
  • The GDS integration service can be used for car rental systems and holiday package systems as well that require real time information updates from different suppliers.
  • Trip Mega Mart also includes a native payment gateway within the portal so that customers can pay for their myriad reservations in a safe and secure manner.
  • These payment systems and booking engines save the time and effort required by the customers to complete their travel arrangements. They do not have to manually look up each and every supplier’s webpage separately, all the information is available in one place on the travel portal.
  • Trip Mega Mart portals are also multi-device optimized and clients do not have to seek the help of a travel mobile application development company for their needs. Trip Mega Mart can create sites that operate on mobile, tablet, computer and laptops.
  • The sites also come with a flexible scaling up option for clients. Business owners can choose whether they want their website to operate at a local or regional level or at an international scale.
  • Another very interesting feature of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions is the fact that clients get access to a number of different admin controls for their sites. They can use these controls to make minor changes to their website without having to take the help of professional software developers. No coding is required to implement these admin controls.

Web design services to expect from a travel portal development company

A common fear among business owners is that all white label travel portals end up looking the same. But there is no chance of this happening to Trip Mega Mart clients because they customize all their websites individually. Each website has the name and logo of the client’s brand. Clients can also choose some other basic design elements on their site like the fonts and colors.

But none of these design choices impact the basic usability of the site. All Trip Mega Mart sites are designed to be extremely user friendly and intuitive. The easy to use design makes it easier for these sites to retain their customers.

Each and every Trip Mega Mart site is a unique creation and it reflects the distinct brand identity of the client business.

How to calculate white label travel website development cost?

Trip Mega Mart provides a very affordable solution for aspiring business owners to start their own travel business venture. There is a lot of flexibility in the pricing with multiple website plans available at different prices. Clients can choose one that fits their budget. Of course the features and customizations available under each plan vary according to the price.

Clients also have the choice to make some minor additions and subtractions to the features available under their website plan. Each of these changes will cost money but the cost is minimal for a change.

The only recurring business investment for Trip Mega Mart clients will be the annual maintenance fee that they will have to pay for their sites. This fee is 25% of the original price paid for the website.

Are you ready to become Kano Nigeria’s leading travel business owner? Then book your first Trip Mega Mart consultation today to start the process.

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