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Djerba is a tiny idyllic island off the coast of Tunisia that attracts tourists from all across the globe with its beautiful sandy beaches and perfect Mediterranean climate. Very few places in the world compare to this Tunisian paradise for a place to disconnect and get away from hectic, heartless urban living.

Many entrepreneurs are now trying a start a travel agency business in Djerba to take advantage of the untapped potential of this island as a global tourism hotspot. But they are not looking at the near obsolete model of physical travel agent offices; rather they are turning to new age e-commerce models for the success of their businesses.

Create B2B and B2C travel websites: the key to success in the travel & tourism industry

E-commerce is changing the way entrepreneurs operate and visualize their business plans. The travel industry is also not impervious to this effect. Online travel portals are quickly becoming the easiest means of entering the tourism market with low initial investment.

This investment requirement falls even further when instead of developing a full website; entrepreneurs choose to hire a white label travel portal development company. Trip Mega Mart is a very popular international travel portal design and development company. They are known for creating high-speed, responsive white label portals with strong back-end.

But first it’s important to understand what exactly is meant by a white label portal. A white label portal is like the basic body of a website. The company selling it then adds certain extra bits to it and customizes it for different clients.

Trip Mega Mart offers a wide variety of white label travel portal solutions. Clients can pick any one that suits their budget and their requirements. Some common features of Trip Mega Mart portals are flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, holiday package systems and car rental systems. All these systems need GDS, XML and API service to operate in real time. Trip Mega Mart portals also have their native payment systems and provide simple integration with various third-party payment systems.

The next step is web designing. All Trip Mega Mart travel technology software solutions have an intuitive user-interface and a very user-friendly navigation system. This design advantage is then taken one step further by customizing every single website with the business name and logo provided by the client. Some clients even prefer to pay a little bit extra to turn their website into an aesthetic visual experience for their customers.

Can you make a profit from white label travel portal solutions?

But despite the clear economical as well as functional advantages of Trip Mega Mart portals, some entrepreneurs fear that they will end up with a cookie-cutter pattern site that will not be able to draw in customers.

This fear however is unfounded. Each Trip Mega Mart site at the time of delivery is a completely unique and customized portal that has the capacity of creating specific brand recognition in the mind of customers.

Trip Mega Mart sites are delivered to clients within just a few days of placing the order and the client is ready to start their business immediately. There is no wait time and no hassle. Some social media marketing and email ads may be needed to drive initial website traffic, but soon afterwards the performance quality of the site will keep it at the top of search engines.

Trip Mega Mart clients are also saved the headache of getting different sites for mobiles and computers; the same site is compatible with all devices. The same site can also be used even when scaling up the business, there is no need to buy a new site when moving from local to international customer-bases.

Another huge edge for Trip Mega Mart sites is the fact that after delivery every site owner gets one year of free support. After a year they have to pay an annual maintenance charge, but it is pretty low compared to average client earnings from their portals.

The presence of a Trip Mega Mart support team does not mean however that the business owner has no control over their site. They have certain admin accesses that they can utilize for minor modifications in prices, trip locations and other things listed on their website.

White label portals from Trip Mega Mart are an easy, affordable and sure-shot means of success in the business world of the 21st century. So book your consultation today to pick your favorite model out of the white label catalogue.

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