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Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia and a major contributor to the country's travel and tourism industry. The city is full of natural beauties, adventurous places and archaeological sites. The historical heritages and culture of the city drives travellers from different countries to this place. Among the important tourist sites are the National Museum of Ethiopia, Mercato, Mount Entoto, Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum, Ethnological Museum, Menagesha Suba Forest Park, Holy Trinity Cathedral, and the Entoto Maryam Church.

Attractions like these add to the significance of Addis Ababa as an ideal place to start travel business online.

How to Develop a Website?

Building a good portal involves paying heed to certain factors. Keeping the below mentioned points in mind while developing a white label travel portal is bound to attract more traffic to your business. Let’s have a look:

Start with Market Survey

Before you pick a domain for your business, it is important that you know about the market trends. You can conduct surveys and find out what products are in demand among the travellers. This can help you structure your business effectively and prepare better goals for your company. Knowing about the market beforehand can also guide you in selecting products for your agency.

Add Useful Products

There are many travel services that are popular among travellers. However, the needs of travellers evolve with time and so do their product requirements. You can create an agency that offers a holiday package system to the travellers. You can select other services for your business based on its relevance to the customers. The benefit of using a portal for your business is that you can offer various services with a single website.

Get Permissions

Running a travel business in Addis Ababa may require seeking approval and licences from the concerned authorities. Additionally, you would require approval of the International Air Transport Association to integrate a flight booking engine to your portal. This can help you to partner with multiple service providers with the assistance of reputed portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart.

Collaborate with Experts

Obtaining an efficient travel agency software requires the expertise of companies like Trip Mega Mart that has experience in building portals for travel businesses. By hiring such experts, you can create a platform that you can rely upon for the proper execution of your travel business.

Features to Have in Your Portal

Here are some important features that you can add to your portal and make it more effective for your business.

  • Filter - There are many options that travellers look for to narrow search results and obtain their desired information easily. Adding such useful filter options can help you in attracting more customers. You can partner with a skilled travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart and add features that can help travellers navigate through your portal conveniently.
  • Bookmark - In addition to finding information quickly, travellers would also like to bookmark their preferred services so that they can use them for their future bookings. You can obtain an effective travel portal solution in Addis Ababa that allows travellers to maintain a favourite list of their required travel service providers.
  • Notification - Providing customers with updates and keeping them informed about their bookings is important to ensure that they continue to use your services for their travel plans. With an experienced travel website/portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart you can use email or SMS to send newsletters to your customers and share with them knowledge of your products.
  • Review - Another useful feature that you can add to your travel agency software is allowing them to share feedback on your products through the website. This can help you to market your brand and reach out to the travellers in a more effective way. You can also understand the needs of your customers and work on them for a better service.

Features like these can help you to obtain a travel portal that you can use for your business. You can build a successful travel business with portals after you ensure adding relevant products and hiring professionals who can contribute to the development of the website.

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