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The famous city of Alexandria is a port city situated in Egypt. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was ranked among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Its Great Library was the largest in the ancient times. Till today the city of Alexandria is a tourist destination for one and all.

People from the world over, like to visit the numerous museums that this city houses to get a peek into its vast history. This beautiful city has eminent Greco-Roman landmarks, sandy beaches and old-world cafes. 

This Egyptian city is a great place to start off on a travel agency venture. Start online travel business agency in Alexandria and see your enterprise flourish leaps and bounds. You can take advantage of the white label travel portal development and launch an online travel business with minimal investment.

Components and Specialties that Add Value to Your Website

A well-researched and comprehensive website is a boon to its visitors. A smooth functioning website is beneficial not only for your customers but it is bound to bring you more business. You may enhance your travel website's functionality by adding the following features:

  • Low-cost ticket, multi-airline, and warning systems.
  • Using a Channel Management System (CMS), a digital platform connects hotels to sales networks.
  • CRM Integration You may use a CRM system to remain in touch with prospects and customers
  • Multilingual and multi-currency
  • Offers tailored solutions as per the user's preferences and past travels.
  • Share media buttons. Social media is another marketing tool. Update your social media followers about new services, packages, and offers.
  • Unlocking the OTA's potential will enhance conversion rates.
  • Alerts are sent by email, push, or SMS. They will notify customers of any changes in hotel room pricing or availability.
  • Live customer service or a chatbot. It is essential to automate repetitive tasks and answer frequently asked questions.

White Label Travel Portal Development – Benefits

Having a white label travel website comes with a number of merits. Trip Mega Mart is one such company that is adept at creating B2B and B2C travel website. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of a white label travel website:

  • The company's website and logo
  • A gateway provider
  • A user-friendly and visually appealing UI
  • B2B and B2C modules
  • Reservations for flights, hotels, buses, and car rentals
  • CMS for Tours
  • Costs and Savings
  • Convenience Fee Management
  • A Reservations Management Dashboard
  • An Agent Bookings Dashboard
  • SEO/SMO Knowledge
  • Writing a blog post
  • Content Pages are other viable options.
  • B2C home pages tailored to individual customers
  • In addition, the system is entirely automated.
  • Third-party chat support
  • Log in using Facebook or Google
  • Email synchronization

Trip Mega Mart will assist you in developing a travel website or portal for your company or clients. It includes both a B2C and a B2B payment gateways as well.

Design, Customization and Usability

Trip Mega Mart designers focus heavily on usability of their portals because it is very important for any kind of online business to retain customers. All Trip Mega Mart sites have an intuitive interface that can be used by almost anyone with a basic understanding of digital platforms.

  • The user-friendly interface however does not mean a boring design. All white label Trip Mega Mart portals are individually customized for the client business.
  • Individual travel agent portals can also be added to the travel business portal. There is an annual fee that all Trip Mega Mart clients have to pay. This fee is calculated to be around 15% of the original cost of the travel website.
  • This uniqueness is important for running successful marketing pitches and building a kind of brand awareness and brand loyalty among customers.
  • This implies that design may play a significant role in determining whether a visitor trusts suggestions and information for a travel website.
  • And, given the enormous investments required to prepare for a vacation, trust is critical.
  • It may make or break a traveler's decision to take a specific tour, stay in a particular hotel, or even visit a specific city or country.

If you feel that you can make an impact on the tourism sector of Alexandria, then you must invest in a white label travel portal from Trip Mega Mart, right away! Just book an appointment with their highly cooperative personnel and get a briefing about the requirements to start your own travel agency. You do not need to hold on to your dream of owning a travel agency business any longer with Trip Mega Mart there to guide you at every step of your undertaking.

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