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The largest city of Cameroon, Douala, is also regarded as its economic capital. It is one of the major industrial centres of central Africa, and it houses breweries, textile factories, palm-oil, soap and food-processing plants. It also is a large scale producer of metalwork, building materials, plastics, paper, glass, bicycles and timber products.

The city has many popular attractions, including Cathedral of St Peter and Paul Bonadibong, La Nouvelle Liberte, making it well worth a visit. With a number of sight-seeing options in Douala the city has become a popular tourist destination.

Starting a white label travel portal here would prove to be an ideal business move. Nowadays, travel companies are using technology worldwide to find new methods to market their products and services. Gone are the days of establishing a physical travel agency, most travel agents today are pushing the growth of travel portals.

Designing a White Label Travel Portal Development Company in Douala

Travel portal building necessitates a user-friendly design, easy page navigation, and a search engine-friendly site. It is essential to look for an API-focused travel portal development firm that has experience with B2B and B2C travel web portal development and UI/UX. It is essential to look for these elements in a good travel website:

  • A comprehensive business plan
  • Detailed descriptions accompany each image.
  • High-quality information
  • A proper URL
  • Map of the accurate website
  • Testimonials from Other Satisfied Clients
  • Accurate contact information must be provided.

How to Set Up a Travel Portal Development Company in Douala?

Trip Mega Mart is the first choice for business ideas when it comes to owning a white label travel portal. It is a B2B/B2C travel portal development company with extensive experience designing travel websites/portals.

This travel portal development business requires API interfaces such as those provided by:

How to Develop Travel Portal in Douala?

Companies like Trip Mega Mart, which specializes in travel portal development, offer services such as advice, design, and maintenance of B2B/B2C travel portals and API integration for travel bookings such as hotel, airfare, vacation, and insurance. Trip Mega Mart can help in travel portal development in Douala.

To ensure that the travel website/portal development cost is kept within the budget restrictions, Trip Mega Mart, your travel portal solution in Douala, cares for the travel portal development cost at every stage of the development process.

Inevitable features of any online travel site
To ensure a seamless experience, an online travel portal development in Douala should be able to handle the following issues:

  • Keeping track of bookings
  • Quota management
  • Keeping track of several sales channels
  • Enabling the program to be accessed in several currencies and languages
  • The payment gateway
  • Dedicated technical assistance
  • Management of coupons and E-points
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Access to real-time information
  • Software for Travel Portals

They integrate the Airline Worldwide Distribution System and provide high-end online quality items to global offline travel companies and agents.

  • Flight Reservation and Ticketing Engine
  • Reservations for hotels may be made using this portal.
  • Reservation System of the Hotel
  • Transfers and Engines for Car Bookings
  • Ticketing system for public transportation
  • Booking system for cruises
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • System for holiday packing
  • Integration of an SMS gateway
  • Use an accounting program.

And that's only the beginning. Additional Offerings:

  • Web development for tourism and travel websites
  • Development, Maintenance & Support for Travel Portals
  • Frame-driven design with a new appearance and feel for websites.
  • The Creation of Individualized Software
  • Maintaining a Web Server and Hosting a Website.

When working with a reputable travel portal development business like Trip Mega Mart, customers may have their product hosted on VPS servers or dedicated servers, either Windows or Linux. They can also help with server setups.

Regardless of today's highly competitive travel industry, online travel portals help travel companies worldwide develop and expand their travel products. When designing and developing a travel agency's website or portal, Trip Mega Mart is a one-stop shop for all your needs. Call them up right away and set up your dream business!

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