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Technological developments combined with the increased demand for travel services have urged the travel industry to employ smarter and faster modes for catering to the travelers. There are many countries that have emerged as the current popular travel destinations. One of the countries to fall in that list is Africa. Though Africa has always been a favorite destination for wildlife lovers, there are places like Namibia that are also attracting a huge number of tourists.

Namibia is blessed with scenic beauties. It is home to the second largest canyon, the Fish River Canyon. It has the famous Sossusvlei sand dunes along with Africa's largest game reserves called the Etosha National Park. With such famous tourist spots, you would need a platform as resourceful as a travel portal to start travel agency business in Africa.

Features of Travel Portal

Travel portals are platforms that allow travel agents to connect with travelers or travel product providers to conduct travel business in the most effective way. Travel portals have several useful features that can help you to start international travel agency business in Africa. While there can be specific needs of a business based on which the portal can be designed, some features form an integral part of travel portals.

Customer Support

It is important that travelers receive answers to their queries when they are on your website. So, your travel portal must provide assistance to travelers within a short period of time. For this, you can integrate automatic replies to commonly asked questions. You can also provide assistance to individual services such as hotel booking or flight booking. Connect with Trip Mega Mart to build an effective customer support team for your portal.

Responsive Design

Websites that have a responsive design are easy to navigate through. They give customers a good experience when they look through your services on your portal. They not just attract more customers, but are also useful for SEO. So, ensure that your travel is accessible on computer, tab, laptop, or smartphones. Additionally, your portal must be customizable to suit the specific designs of the device that they are navigated on. For instance, mobile users must be able to land on relevant pages with a single click. Trip Mega Mart offers website designs that are easy to use for customers.

Support for Multiple Gateways

Your portal must be integrated into several payment options that customers can choose from. They must also be able to save their card details for future bookings. Facilities like these will give the travelers a smooth experience in purchasing your travel products.

Approaches to Travel Portal Development in Africa

There are various ways that you can start travel agency business online in Africa with a travel portal. Let’s have a look at some of the options.

Flight & Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents in Africa - this involves providing airline ticket booking as well as hotel room booking facilities to travelers. Accommodations are a crucial part of all travel plans. So, there is a huge demand for hotel booking portals. Similarly, travelers prefer portals that allow booking flight tickets. This gives them the convenience of making reservations based on their schedule as well as good deals on prices. Travel portal developers such as Trip Mega Mart can help with GDS flight API integration in Africa on your website so that you can offer airline tickets to travelers at attractive prices.

White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa- this is another way that you can build a successful travel website for your business. White label platforms are designed by professionals, who then allow you to use the platform for selling your travel services. You can either opt for a B2B white label travel portal development in Africa and sell your products to other companies. Or, you can go for a B2C white label travel portal development in Africa and offer your services directly to the end customers. Trip Mega Mart can assist you in choosing the most suitable module for your business.

Travel Portal Developers in Africa

There are many companies that have the expertise of building travel websites for businesses. However, you need to find the one that has flexibility in their approach as well as in their design. The development team will provide you with available templates that will save you the time to research on the basics. But in addition, there must be room for customization to meet your specific requirements. Trip Mega Mart, for instance, lets customers share their business plans in detail so that they can get the most suitable website for their travel business.

So, consider travel portals for setting up a travel agency business in Africa. These platforms have many useful features that allow travel businesses to flourish rapidly. All you need is an expert website development company like Trip Mega Mart to get the maximum output from your travel website.

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