How to Start Travel Agency Business in Africa

How to Start Travel Agency Business in Africa

Travel business has always been a prosperous industry. With people widening their interests and becoming huge travel enthusiasts, the industry is witnessing growth across regions. While countries like Europe have always been chased by travel lovers, there are other places that are slowly and steadily coming to the forefront. One such country is Africa.


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Tourism in Africa has been growing fast, thanks to its diverse geography. This, in turn, has encouraged travel agents to consider setting up travel portals in Africa. The best way to start travel agency business in Africa is with white label travel portal developers like Trip Mega Mart.

Setting up a Travel Agency Business in Africa

Africa tops the priority list for travellers who wish to explore the amalgamation of the wild side of nature with the urban creations of human beings. The number of travellers landing in the country has been increasing with each passing year. The amendments in policies that the government has made has contributed greatly to the country’s growth of the tourism sector. This has further motivated investors to provide financial help in developing the industry. All these have made the country rank second in 2018 among the fastest growing regions for tourism.

For those who are wondering how to start tour and travel business, Africa presents a promising opportunity. With its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, starting a tour and travel business here could be a rewarding venture.

While there are vast arrays of land that the country offers its visitors, there are some places that are more popular among the travellers. These include the Victoria Falls, Serengeti National Park, Kruger National Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Cape Town, Cairo, Seychelles, Madagascar, Botswana, and Luxor. These destinations could be the starting points for your tour and travel business. With the right planning and execution, your business could contribute to the growth of this vibrant tourism sector.

To visit these and the other breath-taking places of Africa, travellers require expert advice as well as assistance. This makes way for travel agencies, especially if they are available over the internet. So, if you are willing to start travel agency business online in Africa, then read on to know how you can do so and the benefits as well.

Why White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa

White label travel portals are services that are created by one company and used by another company using their own logo. These travel portals are highly beneficial for travel agents seeking to expand their business in Africa. This is primarily because white label portal developers like Trip Mega Mart can kickstart your business much faster than you would do without them. The developers create portals that save both your time and money. All you need is to know how to approach it correctly.

B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa

The advantages of creating a white label travel portal are many. But it is important that you know the right way to get it done.

● Plan a budget of building your travel portal and seek website developers accordingly

● Ensure that your travel portal provides GDS Flight API Integration in Africa so that customers can book flight tickets to their favourite destinations with ease

● Ask your travel portal developer to design an user-friendly portal that can be accessed from mobile devices

● Build a portal that can sufficiently cater to a traveller's needs such as hotel booking, car booking and/or planning activities

● Hire portal developers like Trip Mega Mart who are skilled in designing effective travel services that can contribute to the growth of your business.

Travel Website Development in Africa

Here are some factors that you should consider when creating a travel business in Africa.

● Know the Legal Compliances- you need to be thorough with the legal formalities that apply to a country for starting a business there. The best way to stay informed about the travel business policies of Africa is by hiring experts like Trip Mega Mart who can create a travel portal for you that complies with the existing policies.

● Market Your Business- effective marketing is one of the keys to success in any business. You need to ensure that people are aware of the services of your travel portal. For this you can make use of social media platforms. You can also register your business with the Gauteng Tourism Authority. They help in listing your business in the provincial tourism database that gives visibility among people seeking tourism facilities in a province

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Africa

White label travel portals are in many ways useful when you are just starting your travel business.

● These portals come as a readymade platform that you can explore without any delay

● Skilled travel portal developers such as Trip Mega Mart can help you save money in building a travel portal from scratch

● You save on resources required for the maintenance of your travel portal

● You get the opportunity to work with a team of experts who can resolve issues in no time with their years of practical experience

● You can hire both onshore and offshore human resources and increase the chances of spreading your business on the land of Africa

Thus, the possibility of growing your travel business in Africa can multiply with white label travel portals. You can focus on the marketing aspect of your business while you let experts like Trip Mega Mart handle the technical aspects of your portal. So, delve deeper and get the required assistance to start a shining travel business.


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