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This beautiful city is spread over seven hills and is the capital city of Cameroon. The 20th century Notre Dame des Victoires cathedral located in Yaounde has a stunning triangular roof and is quite a crowd puller. There is also the National Museum which was the former presidential palace. The Mvog-Betsi Zoo also attracts tourist from all over.

With so much to see and explore in Yaounde, starting a travel business here can prove to be quite a lucrative option. These days, travel businesses look for innovative and cost-efficient portal solutions to offer travel content globally. Thus, travel portal development has become a hot topic among travel agents. Today travel agencies worldwide are adopting the online model. Only a few firms physically construct their travel portals, while the others use professional travel portal development companies to build a white label travel portal.

As travel portal software is in high demand due to the internet reaching the hands of every individual, your best choice is Trip Mega Mart for all B2C, B2B, central office, and admin travel technology solutions. Start your travel portal development in Yaounde with Trip Mega Mart.

Tour operators and home-based travel agents can use travel portal software to arrange flights and hotels. Trip Mega Mart provides consultancy, programming, and API integration for an airline, hotel, travel package, bus, auto rental, cruise, and insurance bookings. It also takes care of travel portal development cost.

Benefits of Online Travel Portal development in Yaounde: 

  1. Booking A Flight: The travel portal software connects to the GDS flight API integration in Yaounde via web services to retrieve online flight inventory and display it in a predetermined UI/UX manner. Selecting a flight search result takes you to the payment gateway for booking and PNR generating.
  2. Booking A Hotel: The travel portal system will use GDS and API web services to locate the best hotel rates available per room per night. Choosing a hotel will take you to a booking and voucher generating payment channel.
  3. Car Hire: The travel tech site will scan the CRS (own inventory) and API to discover the best feasible alternative available in a specific city. Selecting a result will take you to the payment gateway.
  4. Tour Packages: The suggested travel site development solution would include CMS-driven domestic and international holiday packages connected via payment gateway or online inquiry.
  5. Bus Ticket: The travel portal software searches the CRS (own inventory) and API of buses to locate the best choice available in a specific city. Selecting a result will take you to the payment gateway.
  6. Foreign Money Exchange: As a premier travel portal development firm, we built up an admin module to update currency exchange rates. If paying by credit card, it can be handled through a payment gateway.
  7. Payment Gateway Connect: The consumer will be able to make online payments using a payment gateway. Online payment using credit cards or other payment gateways is accepted internationally.
  8. SMS Gateway: The SMS API will send the customer an SMS upon booking confirmation or PNR generation.
  9. Accounts of Agencies: A multilayer admin console is defined for a travel GDS booking system. Agents will be able to log in and contribute monies to their accounts up to a specific limit. Agents can book tickets and hotels from their deposit accounts up to the cut off limit. Then they may book using a credit card. Agents will be given alternatives like:
  • To add sub-users
  • Examine various booking reports.
  • Verify booking status
  • Cancel booking (if available with API)
  • Can check vouchers and bills
  • Earned Commission

White Label Travel Portal Development Company in Yaounde: Setup with Trip Mega Mart

  • With Trip Mega Mart’s years of expertise in the aviation, travel/tourism, transportation, and hospitality industries, your agency will stay ahead of the curve with its next-generation travel portal platform (GDS connection).
  • Their experienced team is capable of demonstrating domain expertise in travel booking systems, mobile applications, and corporate booking tools, as well as high-performance and technological stacks.
  • All costs are reduced with a cloud-based booking system, including infrastructural, operational, GDS flight API integration cost in Yaounde, and resource costs.

They are well-equipped with better efficiency with agile development and daily communication to deliver world-class software systems

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