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The zeal of travelers to explore new places have brought countries like Africa to the forefront of tourism. There are many African countries that tourists pay a visit annually to taste the diverse experiences that the land has to offer. Rwanda is one such untouched area that invites travelers as well as agents willing to start travel agency business in Africa.

Rwanda might not have been on the wish list of tourists some decades ago. However, the development in the cities of Huye and Kigali have made the country a point of attraction for travel lovers. Other popular names include Kibuye, Gisenyi, Lake Kivu, and Nyanza. So, the best way to conduct a travel business in this country will be with travel portals designed by experts like Trip Mega Mart.

Why Travel Portal Development in Africa?

Travel portals refer to websites that travelers can use to book hotels and other travel-related services. As a travel operator, you can either choose to sell your services to another business or to travelers serving as the end customers.

Additionally, you can build a website from scratch and conduct your business through it. Or, you can opt for white label travel portal development in Africa. White label platforms allow you to use the website created by a company to sell your products under your brand name. You can hire professional web designing companies like Trip Mega Mart for a well-made travel website.

Features of Travel Portals

There are various attributes of a travel technology solution in Africa that can help you to consider them for growing your business. The in-built features of the portals are meant to add great value to your travel business. If you wish to offer a specific service, say flight booking, you can customize the website to include features that are relevant to flight booking functions. Trip Mega Mart offers such customization facilities to its customers.

Here are some of the essential features of travel portals.

Responsive design

One of the most important features of an efficient travel portal is a user-friendly interface. Travel portals are accessed by travelers from different areas, including the remote ones. So, the portal must be easy to navigate through. There must be predictive searches too so that customers can search for the required information faster and more conveniently. Trip Mega Mart can design a portal that your customers can browse through with ease.

Suitability for multiple devices

An efficient portal design will allow your customers to access your website from a laptop, desktop, or any smart devices. This feature is important because people might need to make reservations while they are at workplaces or involved in some outdoor work.

Map integration

Another useful feature that a travel portal solution online in Africa will offer you is the integration of the portals to Google maps. This helps a lot in assisting travelers to search for places around their location. Travelers can find hotels, transports, and even the points of tourist interests with the help of maps.

Benefits of Travel Portal Solution in Rwanda

Travel portals come with a bag full of advantages for travel operators. You can achieve your business goals much faster with portals. There are many other things that you can do with portals.


Conducting your travel business with a website can make the administration process stress-free. You can manage transactions easily, store information securely on the cloud, retrieve data at any possible location, and avoid data loss. 

Better customer service

Travel portals allow you to address customer queries with automated responses. This helps in resolving issues faster and with more accuracy. Prompt replies leave a lasting impression on customers as they feel valued.

Travel Portal Developers in Africa

You can find a number of companies that offer travel website development in Africa. However, you must be careful to hire the one that can address your business needs in the best possible manner. Experts like Trip Mega Mart have sufficient experience to cater to their client's needs effectively.

Here are some checkpoints that can guide you in picking the right software development company for your business.

  • The company must have proven work experience with satisfied customers to vouch for their service
  • The company must provide technical assistance post delivery of the website so that you can get familiarized with its navigation
  • You must be able to customize the available design to make it more suitable to your business
  • The development service must be affordable enough to keep the cost to start online travel agency business in Africa low

So, for setting up a travel agency business in Africa, connect with industry experts like Trip Mega Mart. The right team of web development can help you get a user-friendly portal for your customers which you can use for expanding your travel business across places.

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