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The African country of Namibia has many stunning towns like Rundu, Windhoek, Luderitz which provide examples of the natural beauty and rich heritage of the country. There is great potential for the growth of a strong international tourism market in Namibia. Some progress has already been made and a number of travel agencies are operating in the country to facilitate domestic and international tourism. However physical travel agencies are having a hard time surviving in the present economic market where most customers prefer to make their purchases online. So, more and more online digital travel agencies are being established in Namibia. 

How to start travel business online in Africa?

The first way to start any online business would be to develop a brand new site with all business features built into it. But this is a time taking and expensive process and not all aspiring business owners have the software programming skills to build their own websites. In such situations a much simpler option is to purchase a white label website. Trip Mega Mart is the leading company for white label travel portal development for travel agencies in Namibia.

They provide pre-built white label websites that can be customized according to the needs of specific businesses. The websites have GDS API flight integration in Africa which means that the website can collect data from multiple sources to set up hotel and flight reservation system in Africa. Customers will not have to take up the burden of scrolling through sites of multiple hotel, flight, car or tour package providers to find their preferred choice, all the options will be available at one glance on the travel agency website.

Trip Mega Mart websites also have very advanced payment systems. Each website comes with its own payment portal that is designed with multiple security layers and also provides quick payment completion. Third party payment portals are also easy to integrate into Trip Mega Mart websites.

Trip Mega Mart travel website development in Africa also makes sure that the websites are easy to use for their clients post-delivery. The websites have easy admin access controls so that business owners without in-depth technical knowledge can also make minor changes to the website front-end. The websites are also optimized to perform efficiently on all types of devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers and tablets. This is especially important for online sellers of products and services since most people nowadays prefer to make their purchases from their phones.

Another important feature of Trip Mega Mart websites is the fact that the websites can be scaled up as and when necessary. This means that the business owner can choose to operate their website at a local or regional level and then scale it up to operate at an international level as and when they deem it necessary.

Trip Mega Mart website design capabilities

But what makes Trip Mega Mart stand out from all other rivals as the top white label travel portal development company in Africa is their highly skilled web designing team. The team works closely with clients to come up with designs particularly suited to each business. The general white label website package includes basic customizations like business name and business logo, but more intensive design, color and layout changes can also be incorporated.

But even while making interesting and exciting website designs, Trip Mega Mart designers never lose track of their primary objective, to make websites that can be used easily by all types of customers. The websites are all designed in a way that they offer very high levels of usability and can be navigated intuitively.

The usability paired with good design makes Trip Mega Mart websites ideal for advertising and marketing campaigns to draw in more customers. Customers are attracted to the unique designs and then keep coming back for the features and ease of usage.

Cost for white label travel portal development in Africa

Trip Mega Mart B2B or B2C white label travel portal development in Africa is very reasonably priced. They have various plans at different prices so that all customers can get the features and customizations they want. Added features and customizations may require small extra charges. Individual travel agent portals are also available to make travel agency portals more cohesive and effective.

Trip Mega Mart does however charge their customers a small annual fee of 25% website cost. This annual fee covers API charges and basic maintenance, but customers do not mind making this payment since they can earn a lot more from their website in a year’s time.

Trip Mega Mart websites have all the features needed for a successful business model, business owners just need to market their services well and drive traffic to their website so that they can start raking in profits. A white label travel portal is a low investment high profit business that can be started from the comfort of one’s home and then be scaled up to grow into a major business. So do not waste any more time waiting for opportunities to crop up, contact Trip Mega Mart today and become the maker of your own destiny.

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