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The tourist industry of Mwanza is a large contributor to the economy of Tanzania. This beautiful city offers travel agents several opportunities to establish their businesses. If you are an agent willing to start an online travel business in Mwanza, opting to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal can be your best tool. Here are some reasons why portals are advantageous to travel businesses.

Why Tourism Portal Development?

Benefits of portal development are many, especially when you have an online business to run. Here are some of the common areas where the advantages of portals can be witnessed.


  • Portals make managing the administrative tasks of your business quite simple. By hiring a travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can design dashboards for customers and administrators. Having a separate dashboard can help in keeping track of transactions. You can allow customers to view their booking details on their individual dashboards.
  • Administrative dashboards can be secured with login authority for selective members. This way you can decide who all can access the dashboards designed for administrators. Moreover, you can store all data on portals. Cloud-based travel agency software maintains complete security of your data and enables you to access them from remote locations.


  • Portals help in accelerating the revenue of your business. You can choose to sell a wide range of travel products through portals. With a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration on your portal, you can offer hotel room booking facilities to customers. You can also provide them with airline tickets.
  • There are various other travel products that you can include in your business with portals. As they operate on advanced technologies, portals make managing a huge inventory of products seem effortless. You can scale your business anytime depending on the market demands. Trip Mega Mart offers a quick integration process with which you can continue providing customers with uninterrupted services as and when you make changes to your inventory.


  • Reaching out to travelers becomes much easier with travel portals. You can connect with a large number of customers through the online marketplace. Thousands of travelers browse the internet for better deals on travel products. Portals allow you to be visible to such prospects and pitch your products to them. By letting customers leave feedback on your portal, you can further enhance chances of gaining visibility among travelers.


  • Portals allows you to provide a good service to your customers with the number of technologies integrated on the platform. You can address the queries of your customers faster with chatbots. You can also maintain availability of your services 24*7.
  • GDS integration service allows you to connect travelers with the inventories of service providers. Customers can view the live status of availability of items. They can also adjust dates and check availability for the future. In addition to this, customers can compare price quotes from different providers and choose the suitable ones. Trip Mega Mart can let you avail all latest technologies for ensuring a smooth functioning of your portal.

How to Start Travel Agency Business in Mwanza?

Different regions follow different rules for travel businesses. To start travel agency online in Mwanza, you would need to comply with a few necessities.

Legal Procedures

In addition to seeking a legal identity for your company, you would need to obtain a tourism business license from the concerned authority. While applying for the license, you would need to submit the following documents.

  • Company registration proof
  • Certificate of Tax Clearance from Tanzania Revenue Authority

After you have a license, you can then start with the other general processes. For Mwanza, like any other cities across countries, there might be some specific legal requirements based on the kind of domain you choose to operate. You must find such information and follow them to ensure no legal obstructions later.

Professional Assistance

There is some technical assistance that you would need in the process to start travel business online. As the online market, unlike its physical counterpart, demands technologies to sustain, you would need professionals who can provide you with the same. When it comes to seeking a travel portal solution, you would need to hire experienced developers who can create an effective platform for your business. Hiring companies like Trip Mega Mart would allow you to conduct your online travel business successfully.

Travel business in Mwanza with portals can help resolve a lot many complications of the business. After you have the required license to operate as a travel agent, you can choose skilled individuals to build you a robust travel portal.

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