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If you are an avid traveler who keeps track of beautiful places around the world, then you might have heard of Ethiopian cities like Addis Ababa, Awassa, Mekele and more. These cities are stunning examples of the rich heritage and natural beauty of the country of Ethiopia located in the Horn of Africa. Tourism in the country is now growing at a fast pace and soon it will feature at the top of the list for international tourist destinations. As a result there has been an accompanying growth in the travel industry in Ethiopia. Many travel portals are coming up and these online businesses are spreading their network of operations throughout the globe.

Ideas to start online travel agency business in Africa: white label may be the best option

There can be many ways to start an online travel business in Ethiopia. Entrepreneurs can develop their own websites with their software coding skills or they can hire professionals to do it for them. But both of these processes are very slow and expensive. So a much easier and faster solution, which is also much more affordable, is to purchase a white label travel website and then get it customized.

Trip Mega Mart is the top white label travel portal development company in Africa and they have created their own catalogue of pre-built white label websites that they can customize to client requirements. If clients choose Trip Mega Mart for white label travel portal development for travel agencies in Ethiopia they get fully functional websites with GDS API flight integration built into them. The API service collects real time data from a variety of sources and displays them in a single platform on the travel agency website. This makes the customer’s experience much easier and keeps them coming back again and again for the flight reservation system in Africa, the list of hotel aggregators and the car or tour booking engines.

Trip Mega Mart also has payment portals for customers to pay for all these purchases of flight tickets and hotel bookings. The payment portals have security features to make it safe for use on all personal devices and third-party integrations are also easy to execute on Trip Mega Mart portals.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in Africa is also focused on ensuring that the websites can function on all kinds of devices. Most customers shop for their online purchases through mobile phones, so mobile optimization is essential for online travel businesses. Trip Mega Mart websites also have some important admin access features so that admins do not have to run to software developers for making minor changes to the front-end. Anyone with admin access can make small changes in listings on the website even if they do not have knowledge of coding skills.

Website admins of the client business owners also have the chance to choose the scale of operations for their business. The same Trip Mega Mart website can be scaled from a local level to an international level depending on the business plan.

Benefits of white label travel portal in Africa: design and customization

White label portals may be cheaper to get but there is a chance that they can end up being generic. Trip Mega Mart avoids this problem by customizing each website with the branding of the client business before delivery. Clients can also choose to change the colors, layout or other basic design decisions for their website. This means that the end product of every website is completely unique and business owners can come up with their own innovative campaigns to market their site.

But not only do Trip Mega Mart websites handle high volumes of website traffic, these websites also offer customers a great user-experience. The interface is designed to be fully intuitive and is very convenient for anyone to figure out and use. Customers who find the website easy to use and full of features they need will keep coming back to that online business for all their future travel needs.

Cost to start online travel agency business in Africa: B2B/B2C white label travel portal development in Africa

Trip Mega Mart websites are generally very reasonably priced. They offer flexibility in their white label travel portal pricing by offering a number of different development plans that clients can choose from. Clients who want to add in individual travel agent portals can also do so by making a minor extra payment. Additional customizations not covered in the initial website plan may incur extra charges.

There is an annual fee that Trip Mega Mart customers have to pay; this is 25% of the website cost. This cost is easily recuperated from the business by most Trip Mega Mart clients and they do not mind making the payment for continuity of their maintenance and API services.

Ethiopia is a country with a long history and even now the country is continuing to grow in the modern world by holding on to its traditional culture. As people from all over the world now flock to see this mixing of the old and the new, entrepreneurs in Ethiopia have the golden opportunity to get their start in the low investment high profit travel industry of the country. So, join Trip Mega Mart’s list of happy customers today and get your very own white label travel website to start your entrepreneurship journey.

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