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Cairo is a city that finds place in the bucket of all travellers visiting Egypt. The city has many interesting sites to offer travellers, especially the architectural marvels. Among its popular tourist attractions are the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Al-Azhar Mosque, Khan el-Khalili, the Citadel, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Museum of Islamic Art, Al-Azhar Park, and the Ibn Tulun Mosque.

Being one of the most visited places in Egypt, Cairo has ample opportunities to offer agents who want to start online travel business agency . With an online portal, agents can build a successful travel business in Cairo.

Uses of Portals

With white label travel portals there are numerous aspects that a travel agency can offer its customers along with gaining insights into how they can better their own business. There are various ways in which a portal can help, let’s have a look at some of the uses of owning one:

Personalized Offers

Tourism portal development with experts like Trip Mega Mart can enable you to understand the interest of your customers. You can use portals to keep track of the purchases of your customers and make a thorough analysis of their requirements. This knowledge can help you to offer products that are relevant to them. You can even personalize your packages and deals and make them suitable for the specific needs of your customers.

Payment Options

As you deal with global customers residing in different regions, you would need to offer them the flexibility of paying for their purchases. With a good travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can add payment gateways to your website. This will allow you to accept payments from travellers in various modes and currencies. You can even maintain security of the transactions by integrating a reliable gateway to the platform.


Communicating with customers becomes extremely easy with a travel agency software. You can create auto responses and resolve the common issues of your customers instantly. Portals can allow you to maintain a 24*7 help desk for the travellers. You can resolve the issues of your customers anytime and also from any location.

Multiple Integrations

Another advantage of operating with a travel portal solution is that you can integrate various services to the platform. This can help you to add diversity to your inventory. You can offer multiple services to the customers. You can also partner with different service providers and ensure that your customers have many options to choose from.

Cost of Portal Development

The cost of obtaining a travel portal solution in Cairo can depend on many factors. Here are two common determinants.

  • Features - The features that you add to your portal can determine the cost that you will incur in building the platform. Hiring professionals like Trip Mega Mart can help you to obtain essential features without investing too large a sum.
  • Domain - The domain you choose for your business structure would also decide the development cost of the portal. You can create B2B & B2C travel website/portal that can help you to offer services to both the travellers as well as business providers. The domain you pick for your business should be relevant to your target customers so that you do not end up with any unnecessary investment.

Controlling Development Cost

You can reduce travel website/portal development cost with some useful strategies. Two of the crucial ones are:

  • Use Integrated Features - When you opt for a travel portal solution in Cairo, you can use integrated features of the website instead of adding additional features. This can help you to keep the expenses low without compromising with the effectiveness of the portal.
  • Hire Professionals - Hiring an experienced travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart can also help in reducing your expenses. You can obtain a reliable portal with such experts and ensure that you have a greater output without investing too much.

By implementing such measures, you can ensure that the development cost of your portal does not exceed your budget. Once you obtain an efficient portal, you can use it to partner with multiple service providers and offer a better service to the travellers.

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