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Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe with a huge significance in the country's commerce. It is a modern city with some major attractions like the Queen Victoria Memorial Library and Museum, Roman Catholic cathedrals, Anglican Cathedral, and the Parliament of Zimbabwe. The city also has plenty of zoos where tourists get to enjoy a diverse flora and fauna.

Harare is one of the most potential cities in the country when it comes to tourism. You can plan to start travel business online in Harare with a travel portal so that you can witness the proper success of your agency.

Features of Travel Portals

An efficient travel portal must be integrated with some important features to make it more valuable. Listed below are those value-added features that if incorporated into any travel portal can help it flourish. Let’s have a look:

  • Filter: A useful travel agency software must be able to narrow research results for customers. This can help customers to obtain their required information easily on travel websites. You need to build a portal where customers can filter the search results with specifications that they are looking for. You can also add the option of bookmarking preferred services on the portal.
  • Comprehensive Booking Engine: Offering travellers with a portal that they can use to fulfil their varying travel needs is essential. This can help keep you ahead of your competitors in the market. With an experienced portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can collaborate with multiple suppliers of travel services. You can then offer a comprehensive holiday package system to your customers.
  • Mobile friendly: Creating a portal that travellers can use on their smartphones is extremely important. The new age travellers are more inclined to using mobile devices to place booking requests for their travel plans. With an experienced   such as Trip Mega Mart you can create a portal that travellers can use across all devices. Thit can help in enhancing the brand value of your business.
  • Google Maps: Another useful feature of a portal that can make online booking extremely convenient is adding Google Maps to the website. This will help the travellers to understand the location of the property in a much better way. It will also help them to compare prices of the other properties located nearby and opt for the best deal.

Cost of Portal Development

It is possible to keep the travel website/portal development cost on check by implementing certain strategies. Let’s have a look at the top three:

  • Test for Errors - It is always better to check for errors on your travel portal solution before you proceed with the deployment of the platform. You can ask for feedback from users and identify glitches at an earlier stage. This can help you to avoid incurring additional expenses after you start your business through the website. With companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can gain technical assistance for a certain period post development of the website. This can help in fixing errors right away and saving unwanted expenses.
  • Hire Professionals - Rather than employing a full-fledged team of IT specialists for your website, you can hire professionals and offer them work per project. This would mean collaborating with an expert travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart and getting your portal built. The advantage of using this strategy is that you can obtain the same result as with an in-house team but without the fixed monthly expenses.
  • Use Integrated Features - There might be times when you need customized features for your website. But unless absolutely necessary, it is always better to utilize basic features that can yield effective results. If you opt for a white label travel portal development with experts like Trip Mega Mart you can use integrated features of the platform to run your business efficiently.

Obtaining a good travel portal solution in Harare need not be a costly affair if you can implement useful strategies to the development process. Travel portals can prove to be an indispensable tool for your business if you can make them mobile friendly and add some essential features like Google map and filter menu.

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