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Benin is the capital city of the state of Edo. This Nigerian city has a number of assets that attract tourists to this place. The Royal Oba's Palace, for instance, is a representation of the city's rich craftsmanship, as is the Benin Moat. Referred to as the world's largest earthwork made by man, the Benin Moat (also called Iya) is a visual treat to its visitors. There are sites like these and many more that make Benin an ideal land for agents who wish to start travel business online.

Travel Business Opportunities in Benin

Nigeria is a country usually overpopulated by tourists. This makes travel business extremely competitive for aspiring travel agents and operators. Benin, in particular, offers great opportunities to travel businesses. The city is among the top five tourist destinations of West Africa. Here are some of the ways that you can utilize the opportunities of the city as a travel agent.

Hotel booking - accommodation is an important part of all traveling. While finding accommodation is not an issue anymore in the digital era, travelers can face challenges in finding a good place when the crowd is huge. As a travel agent, you can help customers solve this problem by integrating your portal to a hotel booking engine. with Trip Mega Mart, you can collaborate with different hotel providers and offer customers with multiple options at affordable prices.

Flight booking - another necessity of traveling is finding a suitable mode of transportation. As airlines are one of the most preferred options among travelers, it can get difficult for them to book tickets instantly. Trip Mega Mart can offer you a GDS integration service through which you can partner with the leading airline providers. You can then offer customers with live access to airline inventories to check prices as well as availability.

Car rentals - taking a tour around a place requires a reliable mode of transport that travelers with little knowledge of the place can use comfortably. You can cater to this need by supporting a car rental system on your portal.

How to Start Travel Agency Business in Benin City?

Like all other businesses, there are certain requirements to start travel agency online in Benin.

Selecting Products

There is more than one aspect of the travel industry that agents can focus their business on. Depending on what your niche is, you can add different travel products to your business. For instance, you can integrate your portal to a flight booking engine and provide customers with an airline ticket booking platform. For this, you can collaborate with different service providersand let customers purchase tickets at discounted prices.

If, however, your niche is in some other aspect of the industry, Trip Mega Mart can design your portal to accommodate your specific needs. There is a huge demand in Benin for travel operators who can address the various needs of travelers, such as booking hotel rooms, transports, activities, etc.

Choosing Target Market

Places like Benin can offer you multiple options in screening your target customers. Broadly speaking, you can opt for aB2B&B2Cportal that would let you cater to these domains individually or together. If your business plan is such that you need to target service providers, then you can build a B2B portal. Or, you can hire a travel technology company to build you a B2C portal, through which you can pitch services to end customers. Trip Mega Mart can help you with the development of both kinds of travel portals.


Every country has its own set of rules that apply to travel agents. Nigeria, too, has some mandates for those aspiring to start online travel business agency in the country. For instance, you need to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Depending on the domain you choose, there might be additional requirements that you need to fulfill.

Hiring Professionals

Online businesses demand a robust platform for their successes. Since you would primarily be operating in online mode, you must have an efficient portal to rely on. This is why Trip Mega Mart uses the most advanced technologies to design a user-friendly for both agents and customers.

Setting up a travel agency is always a lucrative idea due to the never dying craze for travelling. You can start your own travel business easily by paying attention to some basic requirements. A reputed travel website/portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart can help you to tap in the huge number of scopes that the industry can offer you with.

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