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Located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa is a city that bustles with locals as well as tourists. The travellers of this city arrive from different locations to explore the popular sites of the Congo River, Picasso Beach, Central Station Square, Symphonie des Arts, Texaf Bilembo, and the Botanical Gardens.

The popularity of Kinshasa among the travellers provides good business opportunities to travel agents planning to start travel agency online. There are many agents who have their businesses set up in this popular travel destination. But the best way to keep pace with the market competition is by building online portals. 

Advantages of Building Portals

Today most of the travel plans are made online so why should one reduce their business by half when they can increase it manifolds by having a white label travel portal? There are many uses of a travel portal, let’s have a look:


Expanding travel businesses across geographical boundaries is crucial for its proper growth. Travel portals allow agents to connect with travellers located in different parts of the world. You can use a travel portal solution to market your business and let the global customers know about your services. You can also partner with leading service providers and enrich your business with a wide range of product options.

Cost Saving

Opting for a tourism portal development can help a great deal in keeping your expenses low. You can complete more tasks with portals and enhance your business output. With experts like Trip Mega Mart, you can automate your services and operate your business with less manual resources. This can contribute to the reduction of your expenses. You can also use portals to process purchase requests of your customers instantly and control customer attrition due to delay on services.


Travel portals can allow you to integrate a flight & hotel central reservation system to your travel website. You can collaborate with the providers of airlines and hotels in Kinshasa and let travellers choose from multiple options. Such integrations can help you to quote the best prices to your customers. As you will have various options of service providers, you can ask for the best prices and share the same with your customers.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Another advantage of opting for portals with an experienced travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart is that you can gain the loyalty of travellers towards your brand. Portals allow agents to run their businesses with utmost efficiency. You can provide your customers with a superior quality of service without compromising with their experience in using the website. All these can help customers to trust your agency and stick to it for a longer period.

Factors to Consider for Effective Travel Portal Solution in Kinshasa

Gaining an efficient portal becomes easier with the addition of certain essential features.

  • Responsive Website - To ensure that you obtain customers from different regions and backgrounds, it is extremely important that you emphasize on building a user-friendly portal for your business. With an experienced travel mobile application development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can allow your customers to navigate through the platform without any hassle. You can also allow them to access the platform with wireless devices and place booking requests from any location.
  • Quick Booking - When travellers use online platforms to book hotels or other travel services, they undoubtedly look for quick answers. This makes it important to hire a professional travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart that can let you integrate a GDS to your portal and process purchase requests instantly.
  • Cloud Integration - Another way of obtaining a reliable travel agency software for your business is integrating it to the cloud. This can help you to gain access to your business data from remote locations. You can maintain control of all processes from a central platform. You can also ensure data protection of your customers with a cloud based portal.

With features like these, you can obtain a portal that proves to be useful for your business in every possible way. You can add different services to your agency, reduce your operational costs, increase your brand value, and grow your business appropriately.

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