Tour Management System in Africa

Tour Management System in Africa

People save money for years and years to be able to take a safari in the stunning African forests. Africa has become a global tourism hotspot and there is a lot of rapid growth in the travel and tourism industry in the continent. But most of this growth is entirely concentrated on digital platforms. Online travel portal development has changed the way African entrepreneurs look at the travel market.


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These platforms are cheaper and easier to set up, compared to travel agency offices with multiple overhead costs. At the same time these digital travel portals allow people from all corners of the globe to plan their own African vacation.

How you can help your customers get their dream African vacation?

Travel portals are cheaper than traditional offices, but still require a degree of technical expertise and a lot of time. People who want to get into the business with a smaller budget should opt for white label travel portal development from a reputed international firm like Trip Mega Mart. White label portals are pre-built websites that can be customized for different clients.

Trip Mega Mart portals are quite affordable and clients only have one recurring expense, i.e., the annual maintenance fee. This fee is a small amount, just one-fourth of the original website price to be paid annually. All clients that have a basic idea about marketing are easily able to bring customers to their portal and can earn many times more than the maintenance fee in a year’s time. Trip Mega Mart clients also do not have to pay for this support service in the first year after purchase, mandatory payments start from the second year.

How did Trip Mega Mart corner the market for tour management systems in Africa?

Trip Mega Mart portals have some special features that have helped them become one of the most trusted providers that create B2B and B2C travel websites:

  • All Trip Mega Mart portals are exceptionally well designed with intuitive interfaces and lots of visual appeal packed into a fairly simple design. After customizations the sites also all end up with very different and unique overlook looks.

  • Trip Mega Mart sites have highly efficient travel booking engines. These engines work in real time and save tons of time for customers who do not want to spend their time scrolling through the websites of different suppliers. The booking engines work using GDS integration service. Some of the booking engines include flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, tour package systems and car rental systems.

  • Trip Mega Mart customers pay for all their travel plans with the help of either the in-built payment gateway or through other popular payment systems that can be easily integrated with the site. All these payment systems have their own security features to ensure safe transactions and customer privacy.

So, if you also want to impress your customers with a sophisticated and efficient online travel portal solution then book your first appointment with a Trip Mega Mart consultant today.

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