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Mombasa is one of the largest and lively cities of Kenya. It has a blend of adventure and serenity that keep bringing tourists to this city every year. Visitors to this city seek not just hotel accommodations but also several other travel related services such as a car rental system. If you are willing to open up an online travel agency in Mombasa, you will have to be on par with other agencies that operate in the online marketplace. The best way to do this is building a portal for your travel business.

Types of Portals

When trying to establish your online travel business with a travel portal solution, you can choose from a variety of options for the development of portals.

  • Outbound Tours - These involve providing travel assistance to residents of a country on their visit to another country. For an agent trying to start travel business online, it might be better to collaborate with local travel operators of the destination country. This would help you to resolve the initial difficulties in catering to the market.
  • Inbound Tours - This involves offering travel services to tourists who visit the country that you are located in. People who provide these services are also called Receptive Tour Operators. A niche for guiding tourists in exploring the popular sites of your country can let you work confidently on this domain.
  • Booking Websites - These are platforms that allow customers to make reservations directly with service providers without involving any third parties. You can use these kinds of portals for offering customers with services like a holiday package system for their exploration of Mombasa. You can develop an efficient booking website with Trip Mega Mart.
  • Agency Website - These kinds of travel websites are more focused on serving travelers as advisers for their tours. You can collaborate with different service providers like hotel suppliers and advise travelers which providers they can opt for. You would receive commission from operators upon pitching their products to your customers. With Trip Mega Mart you can create a good website for your agency.

Benefits of Tourism Portal Development

Opting for a travel portal development in Mombasa can have several inputs to the growth of your business.

Cost Friendly

Portals can help in reducing the costs you incur for running your travel business. Opting for a white label travel portal development can save you the money for researching and designing the portal from the beginning. White label platforms are available in pre-designed templates. The designs are created with a focus on the specific domain that you would be dealing with. This means you can have all essential features available on the portal without investing time or money in creating templates for your website.

Connectivity to Customers

Forming connections with customers becomes easier with a travel agency software. Portals allow you to address the concerns of your customers at all times of the day. Even if you are not available in your office, you can still resolve the queries of customers from any location. All these help in retaining customers. The more accessible and available you are for travelers, the better it will be for planning their trips. They would then develop a preference for doing business with you.

Fast Paced Administration

Portals make business execution extremely fast. Hiring a travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart can let you automate all key tasks of your business. With automation, you can make your business available to travelers easily and instantly. You can also accept booking requests of customers immediately without losing them in the queue or unnecessary delays. Moreover, portals help in speeding up the process of collaborating with different service providers. You can partner with a large number of providers and host their products on your portal.

Better Sales and Revenue

Developing portals with a travel technology company can let you sell a variety of products to your customers. If you wish to start off your business with providing hotel accommodations and later decide to add more travel products, you can do it with ease. Trip Mega Mart can help you upscale or downscale your business anytime based on your requirements. You can enjoy easy and quick integration services to different providers and make amendments in your business as and when required.

Developing a portal for your travel business in Mombasa can prove to be advantageous in many different ways. With portals you can enhance your options in the travel industry. You can work effectively and earn your desired revenue using portals.

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