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The constant change in technology encourages all industries to move beyond their traditional methods and take new paths in doing businesses. The travel industry, too, has changed its course to include the online market as an essential place to offer services. So, rather than working solely from physical locations, travel agents have turned towards travel portals.

Travel portals act as a marketplace where travelers and travel service providers can meet. You can use the platform to start your travel business in countries like Africa or Europe without any hassle. If you are thinking of how to start travel agency business in Africa , travel portals are what you should consider.

How does a Travel Portal Work?

Travel portals work as a platform which travel operators can use to conduct their business online. By integrating your portal with a flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in Africa, you can allow your customers to book hotels and flights directly from your portal. The portal will make use of API to gather information on the availability of flights from the online inventory. The information will then appear as a search result when a traveler tries to book tickets on your website.

Beside hotels and airlines, you can offer various other services through your portal. You can opt for a car rental service or bus booking service in addition to other travel products. In short, travel portals are the perfect medium for successfully setting up a travel agency business in Africa. There are various travel portal developers in Africa who can design an appropriate portal for you. Companies like Trip Mega Mart have long been associated with the development of travel websites that prove to be highly effective for the success of businesses.

How can a Travel Portal Solution in Nigeria Help Your Business?

Nigeria is a country in Africa that is known for its hospitality, beauty, culture, and adventures. In addition to the spectacular views of places like the Lekki Conservation Centre, Tarkwa Bay Beach, Atican Beach, and Abuja National Mosque, Nigeria offers never-ending enthusiasm of the people that makes the visit of travelers a memorable one. It also opens up several opportunities for people who are willing to start travel agency business in Africa. This is why you must hire professionals like Trip Mega Mart and develop a portal for the smooth execution of your travel business.

Travel portals have many different features to help entrepreneurs reach their business goals faster. Here are some essential features of a portal that you can utilize and achieve all your travel start-ups ideas in Africa.

  • Responsive design- travel portals are platforms that people with different levels of technical knowledge use. So, it is important that your website is easy to navigate so that customers can spend minimum effort and time to obtain the required information. Web developing companies such as Trip Mega Mart understand this very well. They can design user-friendly portals that customers can use without any difficulty.
  • Updated information- a useful travel portal solution online in Africa would be the one that lets travel operators update customers on their services. You can integrate your portal with flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in Africa and provide customers with the latest updates. When customers search for flights or hotels on your portal, they would get the availability information based on the real-time scenario. This will help them to plan their trips in a better way.
  • Space for comment- you can allow customers to share their experience in travelling with your company with other travelers. Trip Mega Mart can design a portal where leaving feedback is easy and not at all time consuming. Posting feedback on your portal can help in attracting more customers to your business. This would also allow building trust for your brand among the customers. To encourage people, you can offer reward points for sharing their feedback. The travelers may use the points for financial gains in their future bookings with your company.
  • Transparent pricing- using a travel technology solution in Africa, you can clearly mention the prices involved in purchasing a product. So, when travelers book a hotel room or ticket, they must be quoted the price that includes taxes and other expenses so that they can pay for the exact amount with no hidden or additional charges. Also, if you are offering discounts on any service, mention the conditions upfront to avoid confusions. Transparent pricing would give your customers a seamless experience in planning their trip with you. Trip Mega Mart can assist you in identifying the most popular deals among travelers so that you can keep pace with the current trend in the industry.

So, to boost the growth of your travel business, opt for a travel portal solution in Nigeria. Travel portals have various intriguing features that prove beneficial for travel operators. All you need to do is hire a reputed company like Trip Mega Mart who can develop a suitable website for your business.

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