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Accra is a city in Ghana that has a blend of West African culture and influence of British culture. Travelers here get to explore diverse styles of art, music and fashion. There are a number of locations in Accra that are known for their beauty. As a travel agent looking to start travel business online, you can find multiple avenues through which you can build a successful business. But this is not possible without a travel portal as travelers of the present days conduct most of their booking related tasks online.

Essential Features of Portals
Travel portals have many different features that you can utilize for the growth of your business. However, not all features would be relevant to your business. This is why you should opt for a travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart that will give you the scope of customizing the portal as per your requirements. In addition to that, consider adding some of the key features that would make your portal a useful tool for your online business:

  • Accurate Search Results - When you integrate, say a hotel booking engine, on your portal, it must generate accurate details. This is important because customers would depend on the search results for making reservations. Any error in the obtained data can result in incorrect bookings, financial losses, and eventually loss of customers. This is why Trip Mega Mart emphasizes on designing portals that have all advanced technologies required for generating reliable data.
  • Favourites - Letting customers save names of hotels or airline suppliers that they wish to get services from on their trip is a useful feature of travel portals. This can help in saving the time that customers would spend on finding suitable travel products. Instead of doing the research every time they plan a trip, customers can save details of their preferred service providers in their list of favourites right on the portal. This way they can speed up their booking process and plan trips faster. Hire Trip Mega Mart to get this feature on your portal.
  • Google Maps - Opting for a GDS integration service means that you must provide customers the facility to view travel products like hotel rooms before they can make a purchase. This is where integration to Google Maps helps. Google Maps allow travelers to find the exact location of booked hotels. They can check the proximity of the hotel from popular tourist spots. Customers can also view hotels of a specific area and compare the price quoted by hotel suppliers. This can help them to make better decisions when buying products.

Why Travel Portal Development in Accra?
Developing a travel portal solution with all its essential features can boost up the success of your business in various ways:

Be a Market Leader

A well-designed travel agency software from Trip Mega Mart can make you a leader in the competitive market of travel industry. With the use of technologies, travel portals make service booking experience extremely good for travelers. A flight & hotel API integration on your portal can let travelers to view travel products with their current availability status. They can also place booking requests on their own without needing the assistance of your customer service.

Maximize Efficiency

When you are able to provide travelers with an access to live inventories through GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration, there will be no reasons left for them to seek travel products in physical stores. So, you can be sure of a greater number of sales with the opportunity to include as diverse services to your business as you wish to. Moreover, you can increase the visibility of your brand with portals by investing minimum on its development or marketing.

Have Multiple Channels for Sale

Be it a business that you want to deal with or sell products directly to the end customers, travel portals can effectively fulfill all your requirements. With the help of Trip Mega Mart, you can create a portal that has features relevant to the marketplace that you wish to cater to. You can either create a B2B portal or a B2C portal depending on who your target customers are. Portals allow you to use a single platform for all your business needs irrespective of the kind of customer base you choose.

To start an online travel business in Accra, you probably need nothing more than an efficient travel portal. A good portal can let you provide a convenient booking system to customers. You can have better chances of making sales and finding customers who would stick to your brand for your variety in services.

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