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The city of Accra is home to Ghana’s most popular beach, the Labadi Beach. Every day thousands of tourists visit this beach to enjoy sunny days and experience first-hand the cultural scene of Ghana at beach performances and bonfire nights. You can start a travel agency business in Accra using very little initial capital investment and earn generously from the thriving tourism market of this city. Just hire a travel portal development company to build you an online travel portal at an affordable price.

Accra’s top travel portal design and development company: Trip Mega Mart

Not all travel entrepreneurs have software coding skills to personally build or supervise the development of an online travel portal. So, a more convenient method for them to create the online business plan they have envisioned is to take the support of a white label travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart.

Trip Mega Mart has a huge collection of white label solutions that clients can choose from. A white label solution is basically a preliminary software framework for a portal which can be customized by the company for the requirements of its different clients. So, after clients choose their preferred white label travel portal, the clients now get to choose the kind of customizations they want to the design and functionalities. All this is completed and the website delivered to the client in around 7 days.

Trip Mega Mart provides a year of free support with their website. After that, clients will have to pay an annual maintenance fee (15% of their travel portal development cost) to Trip Mega Mart for continued smooth functioning of all their website features.

Generally, a white label travel portal owner is able to start raking in significant profits from their business almost immediately after delivery. If, the entrepreneur is aware of some basic marketing theories they will easily be able to increase traffic to their website. These visitors, impressed by the speed, responsiveness and user-friendliness of Trip Mega Mart websites will soon turn into paying customers. Clients who have maintained long-term business relationships with Trip Mega Mart believe that their annual maintenance charges are very reasonable and most business owners have a much higher income than that yearly.

Another major advantage of white label travel portal solutions from Trip Mega Mart is the fact that their sites are very affordable. Business owners with a very small initial budget can also purchase a website plan with minimal features and start a fully-operational business. Once the business grows and brand recognition has been built, they can start adding in further features.

Everything you can expect from Trip Mega Mart travel agency software

Trip Mega Mart has established itself as a leader in the white label travel portal market, because of its dedication to quality of performance for every single feature.

Every travel portal has a flight booking engine and hotel booking engine. These centralized reservation systems actually show consolidated real time updates from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers so that the travel portal can act as a one-stop destination for all travel needs.

More advanced features like car rental systems and holiday package systems are available with the more expensive website plans.

All Trip Mega Mart websites have their own payment gateways. Individualized travel agent portals can also be added within a travel agency portal for greater convenience of use.

Each client can choose to add or subtract features to their specific website paying plan. This of course will cost a little bit extra.

After the features are finalized, begins the customization process. Trip Mega Mart adds the business name and branding of their clients to each and every single website. Once that is completed, clients can also explain their aesthetic preferences to the design teams who will try to make the designs compatible to these likes and dislikes. Small changes like color variations and font changes require very little extra charges.

But the one ultimate priority of Trip Mega Mart design teams is to ensure that the website is as user-friendly as possible. Most sites in fact have a fully intuitive user-interface for highest level of customer satisfaction.

There is also a huge panel of admin controls to make it easy for business owners to make minor changes to their website without having to resort to elaborate and expensive code modifications.

So, book your first Trip Mega Mart consultation immediately to gain an early entry into Accra’s online travel and tourism market with a trusted and reliable partner.

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