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Ethiopian tourism is multifaceted. It is a bright time to start travel agency business in Africa to service this tourism market. Visitors arrive here for multiple reasons. It could be to experience reggae music by the prominent Rastafari community. It could be to participate in the Ethiopian run.

Then there is the Blue Nile falls which attracts tourists time and again. For thrill seekers, the Erta Ale volcanic mountain beckons them relentlessly. Travel agencies can offer excellent customer experience to such awe-struck travelers by using Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Developers in Africa solutions.

Visitors also visit Ethiopia on culture visits. So the way how to start travel agency business in Africa is to provide visitors an opportunity to come back again to get the experience again. Timkat is one of the colorful festivals in the country. To witness this festival tourists from near and far visit the country.

The interest in Timkat is more from the western world. That’s because Timkat is a religious festival. It is help to celebrate the baptism of Christ in the Jordan River. The elaborate procession towards the river is a sight to behold. A travel agency can facilitate visits to this procession by providing services via Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution in Africa.

People visit Ethiopia for its great outdoors too. This is another reason to start international travel agency business in Africa for Ethiopian outdoor tours. Simien National Park, Omo River and Park, Danakil Depression, Mount Entoto – the list of attractions is unending.

There is much to see, experience, and indulge in Ethiopia. Yet, a touristic experience in Ethiopia is imperfect. And here is where a travel agency can pitch in. There are many who start travel agency business online in Africa but only few provide automated solutions.

The truth is that providing automated solutions is how to start travel business online in Africa or start travel business from home in Africa. By providing automated solutions, many of these issues can ironed.

How can a travel portal solution in Ethiopia add to the customer experience?

Helps tourists participate in international events: 

Help travelers enjoy Ethiopian wildlife tours

  • Ethiopia is a country bestowed with spectacular naturalistic vistas. The Simien Mountains are home to magnificent baboons. Bale Mountains are where the Ethiopian wolves are found. Ethiopia is also home to more than nine hundred species of birds. With all of these sights to experience, only a small number of international travelers actually visit these places.
  • A travel agency can therefore market these regions to international travelers via a Trip Mega Mart online portal using cost-effective White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa. International visitors can then manage their holidays online. From booking flights, to hotel rooms, to taxi service, and to safari jeeps to go deep into the jungles, every aspect of their visit can be automated.
  • Trip Mega Mart Flight & Hotel Aggregators for Travel Agents in Africa or Flight & Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents in Africa or Flight Reservation System in Africa can provide automated booking. The Ethiopian wildlife tourism market is largely untapped. Travel agencies therefore have a huge opportunity on their hands by raking in travelers.

Facilitate tribal visits

  • Ethiopia has several isolated tribes. Many travelers visit the Omo Valley on cultural tours to visit the habitats of some of these tribes. These are largely isolated people. So there has to be a protocol maintained when visiting them.
  • A travel agency can educate travelers via an online travel portal on such implicit rules. The travel portal can also facilitate such tribal and cultural expeditions.

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