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Sharm El Sheik is a beautiful resort town of Egypt. Located on the banks of the Red Sea this town acts as a border between the Sinai Peninsula desert and the coast. Sharm El Sheikh is a perfect destination for tourists who want to disconnect and get away from their busy lives for a few relaxing days. Many travel businesses have now come up in this area of Egypt to satisfy the needs of the guests who want to visit this resort town.

You can also become one of these lucky entrepreneurs with the chance to grow your business in a rapidly expanding market. Just contact a travel portal development company to start your own online travel portal solution.

Pros and Cons of White Label Travel Portal Development

Physical travel agency offices are quickly losing popularity because of the intense competition from online travel portal operators that can provide all the same services with the convenience of avoiding travel. But developing a new website requires sophisticated software coding skills that many entrepreneurs lack. A more cost effective and easier solution to start an online business is to take the help of a travel portal design and development company that can customize pre-built white label portals.

Trip Mega Mart is a company known for creating B2B and B2C travel portals from white label frameworks. The features of their portals include:

1. GDS integration service each site come with its own flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, car rental system and holiday package system that operates by collecting real time data from airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, and other travel related businesses. Customers can reduce their travel planning time by avoiding manual searches of different suppliers and can book all their arrangements on one single platform.

2. Secure payment portal– all Trip Mega Mart sites have their own payment system which is secured using multiple cyber safety measures to ensure accurate and private transactions. Third party payment systems can also be very easily integrated within the software of Trip Mega Mart sites.

3. Flexible scale – Trip Mega Mart sites are designed to have full flexibility in terms of their scale of operations. The business owner client chooses whether at any given moment they want their website open to local/regional or international visitors. This is very useful for business owners to maintain full control over their business plan.

4. Travel mobile application – Trip Mega Mart is also a travel mobile application development company because all their portals can perform very effectively on computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones and all kinds of devices. Separate sites are not needed for different devices and browsers.

5. Admin controls – all Trip Mega Mart websites give admin accesses to the business owner client. This means that the business owner gets to make minor modifications to the information displayed on their website without having to change the software code for the site. This is a particularly well-loved feature for business owners because it gives them additional control over their business operation.

6. Website design – Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development service also includes individualized customization of each portal. Every portal has the business branding of the client added to it. This makes each site unique. Client preferences in terms of colours, layout and even fonts are also given due importance by the design team.

7. Usability – Trip Mega Mart website designers pay special attention to the usability of their user-interface. Almost all Trip Mega Mart sites have an intuitive user-interface with simple navigations and self-explanatory steps for different functions.

Paying your travel website development cost

At the end of the development and design process, Trip Mega Mart delivers each client a unique and high performing online travel website that they can market to a large audience. Business owners can use this site to build their own brand identity and increase the sales conversion rate of their business.

Usually Trip Mega Mart sites are very reasonably priced and at par with the general industry standard prices. There are a few different website development package plans and prices rise as the plans include more and more features and customizations. Clients can also pay a small fee each for individual features/customizations that they want added to their website plan. Cost of addition of travel agent portal to the main website is also quite low.

There is only single major recurring expenditure for Trip Mega Mart clients. This is the annual payment of 25% of the website plan that is used to cover website maintenance, API service and other kinds of upkeep. Almost all clients are generally able to earn much more than this maintenance fee within a year from their portal.

So, if you feel that you can make a good living from your self-run online travel portal business then contact Trip Mega Mart today and get your very own site to start off with.

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