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There is a lot of scope for new travel entrepreneurs to start a travel agency business in Kumasi. Kumasi, in southern Ghana is an under-explored tourist destination. But as the seat of the ancient Asante culture this city has the potential to become one of Ghana’s premier tourist spots with a little bit of smart marketing. Entrepreneurs can create B2B and B2C travel websites to attract tourists from all over the world to visit this beautiful, historical city.

Everything you need to know about tourism portal development

Tourism portals or any online portal development in general, usually means hiring some formally trained software engineers to create the code for the website. This can be quite expensive, and since most entrepreneurs do not have coding skills, it become very difficult for them to maintain control over their website development process.

So, if you are looking for a better alternative, Trip Mega Mart is exceptionally well-equipped to help you out. Trip Mega Mart is a travel portal development company. They create B2B and B2C travel websites using the white label set-up. White label portal development refers to when a company recycles the bare information of some existing websites to create new and customized portals for their clients.

This kind of a development process allows entrepreneurs to choose the kind of features and designs they want for their website and gives them more control over the entire business at a much lower price.

Why Choose Trip Mega Mart?

At Trip Mega Mart the white label travel portal development is supervised by teams of highly talented developers and web designers who have multiple years of experience in this field.

All that the client has to do is to first choose a website from the extensive white label catalogue available at Trip Mega Mart. For travel portals, almost all the sites come with a flight and hotel central reservation system that runs using GDS integration service. Real-time information is available on the websites in a consolidated form to make travel planning significantly easier for customers. Other travel related features like car rental systems, native payment portals, holiday package systems are also available for addition to the portals.

Once clients have chosen their preferred set of features, it’s time for customization. Trip Mega Mart designers first begin by adding the business name of the client’s company and the company logo. Other aesthetic preferences in terms of colors and fonts can also be taken into consideration.

The end-goal of this designing and customization process is to create a user-friendly intuitive database that will be attractive to all kinds of customers and can also simultaneously play a role in building an unique brand identity.

Now it’s time for the client to complete the payment and their website will be delivered to them in just a few days. This online travel portal solution will be compatible with mobile phones, laptops, desktops and even tablets. The clients will also be able to control the scale of operations of their website (local/regional/national/international).

But Trip Mega Mart doesn’t just stop at delivering a high-performance website. There is also post-delivery support for up to a year. During this year the website owners are expected to become comfortable with the various admin controls which will allow them to manage their live website without needing to change any of the software code in the back-end.

But even after the first 12 months, Trip Mega Mart clients have to pay a small annual maintenance fee for their portals. This fee is near about 15% of the basic payment made for the original website development.

Can you earn profits from white label travel portals?

Clients who purchase white label portals get a fully operational travel portal delivered to them in less than a week’s time. Their only task is to devise some smart marketing strategies to target specific consumer groups and drive them to their website. Once this is accomplished the profits will automatically start flowing in. The annual maintenance fee that Trip Mega Mart clients have to pay is also just a miniscule amount compared to how much an average Trip Mega Mart client earns from their travel portal every year.

So, if you want to turn your business dreams into reality, then you need to make a call to Ghana’s Trip Mega Mart consultants right away. Chalk out a plan to bring Kumasi to the top of the world tourism map and become a successful and financially independent business owner.

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