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Travel portals have emerged as an essential tool for the travel industry. Since a large part of the travel business relies on the digital market, it is practically impossible to imagine a successful travel agency functioning without a portal.

If you plan to start travel agency online, especially in places like Abuja, you need to build a robust travel portal that can help you to conduct your business effectively. There are a number of ways that you can benefit from the use of a portal to run your travel business.

Why White label Travel Portal Development in Abuja?

Here are some of the advantages of using a travel portal for your business.

  • Better Business Growth - Travel portals serve as a great means to expand travel businesses. With a travel portal solution, you can reach out to a large number of travellers. You can also get to work with industry experts like Trip Mega Mart that knows how to find the best solutions to the challenges commonly found in the travel industry.
  • Cost Saving - Opting for a white label travel portal development can help you to save more money in administering your business. As automation is an integral part of travel portals, you can avoid manual resources and invest on other tasks related to your business. Automation can also help in enhancing the productivity of your business.
  • More Exposure - The online market is where a majority of the consumers are found in today's era. Tourism portal development allows travel agencies to make the maximum utilization of the online market. You can not only gain the attention of more travellers with portals, but can also market your brand in a much better way.
  • Improved Services - By hiring a skilled travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can assure better services to your customers. You can resolve their queries faster and with greater accuracy. You can also attend to their issues round the clock with the help of technologies like chatbots.
  • Multiple Options - Working with a travel portal development company allows you to explore different domains and add a white range of travel products under your agency. Companies like Trip Mega Mart gives you the opportunity to use a single platform for all the different services that you choose to offer through your agency.

Features of Travel Agency Software

The usefulness of a travel portal increases when you add certain essential features to the platform. Here are a few tried and tested features will attract more traffic towards your portal. Let’s have a look:

Mobile Friendly

As the majority of travellers prefer the online mode for booking travel services, it is important that you have a mobile friendly design for your travel portal. You can create a user-friendly portal with a professional travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart that will help you to connect with travellers who are more likely to use the mobile version of travel portals.


Depending on the kind of domain you choose your requirements of a travel portal might be different from the generic design. This is why it is important to create a portal that you can customize based on the needs of your business. Companies like Trip Mega Mart would allow you to add specific features to the portal so that it is more relevant to your business.

Multi Language

Breaking language barriers is another important requirement for a good travel portal. Given the global nature of the travel industry, you need to create a portal that travellers can access in their preferred languages. Opting for a portal to start travel business online can let you interact with customers from different locations. Moreover, hiring experts like Trip Mega Mart can allow you to create a portal that is free of technical glitches even when it is equipped with modern technologies.

You can add various other features to your portal as well depending on the chosen market you wish to cater to and make it an irreplaceable tool for your business. With the right set of features, you can create a portal that can help you to take your travel business to great heights.

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