Travel Portal Development in Africa

Travel Portal Development in Africa

Travel, tourism, and hospitality are among the oldest service industries. Ever since the birth of civilized societies, the human mind has always wanted to explore the world. Africa, of late, has seen a renewed interest in tourism, due to the modernization of economies, political stability in several countries, and increased awareness amongst people about Africa.

The growth of the hospitality, travel, and tourism sector in Africa has also been largely aided by B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa firms such as Trip Mega Mart. These firms offer travel portal development services that are crucial for the success of any online travel business. Because of these travel portal development services, many entrepreneurs who wanted to start a travel agency business in Africa could do so in a very short timeframe. The travel portal development services provided by these firms ensure that the travel portals are user-friendly, efficient, and cater to the needs of both the travel agencies and the travelers.


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What has been the problem traditionally for tourists visiting Africa?

Lack of information

Tourists lacked informational resources from a travel portal solution online in Africa. They did not have access to a travel agency’s site to raise requests, get immediate assistance, and take on-the-fly decisions. They often had to rely on the wisdom of local guides and local people. At that time, these travel agencies were not aware of Trip Mega Mart and how to start travel agency business in Africa with these ready-made travel portals.

Lack of travel service awareness

Africa is a huge continent with so many avenues for travel, leisure, relaxation, exploration and adventure. But travelers to Africa simply did not have the facility to book these services. Even though travel portal development cost in Africa was not exorbitant, travel agencies did not really try to understand how to develop travel portal in Africa to fulfill traveler needs. Travelers either had to find out about these services all by themselves or manually book the service at a travel agency’s physical office. The idea to start travel agency business online in Africa with a Trip Mega Mart portal came in soon, and every travel agency started going in that direction.


Traditionally, travel agencies did not focus on travel portal development to start travel business from home in Africa. They did not even know how to start travel business online in Africa using a travel portal. They used to oversee the value of a travel website. This was not exactly cutting corners, but a lack of insights into what travelers were looking for. The end result was that the travel site was plagued with technical errors. This spurned prospective travelers from booking services on these sites.

How has Trip Mega Mart travel portals helped travel agencies exceed expectations of travelers?

Highly integrate-able

The portals made by Trip Mega Mart are highly integrate-able with any type of service such as GDS flight API integration in Africa for example. As a travel agency, even after setting up a travel agency business in Africa, you can extend the travel portal to add more services. Because of this technology many ideas to start online travel agency business in Africa took shape. The number of services that you can add are unlimited. The robust underlying framework is designed by this online travel portal development in Africa firm to be hyper-extendable. With this mode of travel website development in Africa, you can scale your services, handle any number of transactions, and even deploy your service on the cloud.

Depth and breadth of services

Often, the mistake travel agencies make is that they either offer a broad range of services with no in-depth specialization in any of them, or they specialize in only a few services. Many travel agencies have cited that their problems were more administrative than a lack of realization of this. Businesses that chose Trip Mega Mart travel portals were able to solve this problem once and for all. The benefits of white label travel portal in Africa were immediate. Travel start-ups ideas in Africa became successful and so did several travel franchise opportunities in Africa.

Family holidays

Going to Africa solo or with one’s family is possible because Trip Mega Mart, the International Travel Portal Development in Africa firm, has made it possible for travel agencies to expertly manage logistics of people. Thanks to the efforts of the B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa company, travelers could book travel services easily and conveniently.

They could book accommodations after carefully choosing them from a wide selection. The wide variety of options was made available only because of the technology prowess of this White Label Travel Portal Development Company in Africa.

What was formerly not possible some years back was made possible by this White Label portal development in Africa firm. And at a fraction of the travel website development cost in Africa. Families, their extended families, friends, relatives, and large groups could travel to the African continent backed by the robust technology of this B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa company. They could tour the most exotic of places, previously thought of as being inaccessible.


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