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When it comes to choosing a destination to start travel agency online in Tunisia, Monastir is the place where you can find the maximum number of tourists. The spectacular beaches of this region give tourists the opportunity to indulge in several adventurous activities. This also gives agents the chance to include different services to their business and earn a good revenue.

But an effective online travel business demands the support of a robust platform from where you can conduct all the online tasks. This makes travel portals an important tool for travel businesses that operate in both online and offline mode.

Why is Tourism Portal Development Compulsory?

Tourism portals involve certain features that allow agents to rely on them completely for the growth of their business.

  • Virtual Experience - Virtual reality has become an important attraction point for travelers. It allows travelers to gain a first-hand experience of the destination place with which they can plan their trips better. Hiring travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart can let you utilize this feature on your portal.
  • Bookmark - Portals allow travelers to add names of hotels or airline suppliers in their favourite list so that they can locate those service providers easily for their future bookings. Bookmarking can also be used for staying updated on the price changes made by service providers over a period of time.
  • Filters - A well-made travel agency software can allow you to include effective search filters on the portal. This can help customers to find their desired services easily without entering their complete details. Moreover, customers can search for products based on their specific requirements and save time in sorting the required information from a pool of irrelevant data.
  • Map Integration - By hiring Trip Mega Mart for your white label travel portal development, you can allow customers to locate hotels or other services that they book with you on Google Maps. This feature of a travel portal proves to be extremely helpful in letting customers choose services based on their plans of the trip. They can check the distance of the place from the major tourist attraction points and make purchase decisions in a better way.
  • Transparent Pricing - Portals allow you to post complete details of the prices of your products. You can mention the price breakups and ensure that there are no charges applied that the customers were not aware of beforehand. Maintaining transparency in pricing helps in gaining the trust of customers and retaining them for a long-term relationship.

Travel Portal Development in Monastir

With all its useful features, travel portals provide several reasons to opt for them to start travel business online

Less Maintenance Cost

Building a travel portal solution for your business can help in bringing down your expenses to a great deal. Portals allow agents to operate with less resources. You can receive from and process reservation requests of customers automatically with portals without the manual intervention of human resources. With you can also save money on designing templates and building your portal from scratch.

Real Time Data Access

With a GDS integration service on your portal, you can access the live availability status of the different service providers. This feature of a portal allows travelers to know beforehand what services are available on their planned dates of tours. They can check availability several months prior to their journey date and also compare the prices between providers.

Automated Booking

Collaboration with a flight & hotel central reservation system on travel portals can support automatic bookings. Once travelers decide to buy a travel product and place request for booking, portals process the requests automatically and notify travelers about the confirmation status. With an experienced travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can also send automatic notification of cancellation status when travelers change their mind.

Increased Sales

Travel portals can let you collaborate with a number of service providers. This means you can create a huge inventory of attractive travel products and sell them to end customers or to dealers of travel services. Opportunity to add multiple products to your business with professional portal developers such as Trip Mega Mart can make a major contribution to the growth of your business and generation of a greater revenue.

Portal development in Monastir can make administration of your business a hassle-free process. You can earn more revenue, access updated information and process booking or cancellation requests instantly. But it is important that you add some key features to the portal to make it appropriate for your business.

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