Top Reasons to Start Online Travel Agency Business in South Africa


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The South African government has made vast improvements in the way the tourism sector functions in South Africa. It has greatly helped entrepreneurs who could start travel agency business in Africa. The government backed entity, namely, the South African Tourism department is actively involved in promoting tourism in the country. This department has grown into a multi-country entity, with offices around the world, spreading the word about South Africa and its touristic vistas.

South Africa has always been one of the sought-after leisure destinations. Those who wish to start international travel agency business in Africa can do so without worrying about shortage of locations to visit. The country has innumerable leisure travel offerings. The country holds prime importance as a convention center in the whole of Africa and even the Middle East. It is common to see business visitors in the country. Cape Town accounts for a large percentage of business travel in the world.

Eco-tourism in South Africa and the role of online travel agencies in it

  • As much as business and leisure travel is popular, so is eco-tourism in South Africa. Offering eco-tourism travel services is one of the ways how to start travel business online in Africa. There are several protected ecological regions in the country. Exhibiting natural biodiversity, these regions are visited by people from around the world. The country is so incredibly biodiverse, that there exists a huge opportunity for setting up eco-tourism tours and travels.
  • There are more than 800 types of bird species and more than 200 types of mammal species in South Africa. This country is classified as being mega-diverse. It is because more than 70% of the country is biodiverse. Trip Mega Mart can build modules to serve this sector at low cost to start online travel agency business in Africa for travel agencies offering eco-tourism services.
  • Protecting and promoting the biodiversity of these regions has been one of the goals of the South African government. The more people are aware of these regions, the more is the propensity to protect these regions by private, national, and international wildlife protection entities. One of the benefits of white label travel portal in Africa built by Trip Mega Mart is that travel agencies can create this awareness via the portal.

What is part of an eco-tourism experience?

How can travel agencies offer leisure tourists a great traveling experience via a travel portal?

  • South Africa attracts thrill loving people. Such people are drawn to wildlife, gaming reserves, flora and fauna, tribal culture, and natural landscapes. Amidst all of the naturalistic wonders lie several opportunities for leisure travel.
  • Activities such as hiking, caving, snorkeling, mountain climbing, river rafting, beach visits etc. are all included in a leisure itinerary. Using white label travel portal development company in Africa such as Trip Mega Mart, a travel company can build leisure travel features, portals or apps.

Booking support for specific services

Because South Africa offers so much leisure travel options, travelers are advised to seek specific leisure travel options. This allows visitors to get focused experiences that will leave them satisfied and experienced. So, travel agencies can offer travelers and visitors booking services. Via these booking services, travelers can look for specific experiences.

Wine tours support

South Africa has for long known for its vineyards. People not only visit these vineyards to taste fine wine, but also to immerse themselves in the beauty of these regions. Set amidst exotic flora and fauna, the vineyards are natural eco-tourism destinations. Wine tasting, cycle rides, hikes, natural trails, plantation visits, and many more activities can be planned.

Honeymoon options

South Africa for many is a cost-effective way to travel on honeymoon. It has all the characteristics of a great honeymoon destination, and it is not that expensive as well. The weather is moderate, and the country offers myriad experiences too. So, all of this makes the country a preferred honeymoon spot. Travel agencies can support the needs of honeymoon travelers by building specialized modules for them.

Top Reasons To Start Online Travel Agency Business In South Africa

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