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Building a travel business can be extremely beneficial, given the boom in the market over the last few decades. Travel agencies are no longer confined to physical locations or to the traditional role of booking tickets. They are now available on the internet and are required by travellers for a number of travel related services. This has made it essential for the agencies to consider a portal if planning to start travel business online.

In places like Lagos where tourists come from different locations, it is not possible to run a travel agency without an online presence. Portals can help travel businesses in many different ways.

Benefits of Travel Portal Solution

Here are some of the advantages of using a travel portal.

Cost Saving - With tourism portal development you can automate your business processes. You can cut down on manual resources and implement automated services wherever possible. This can not only contribute to reducing your expenses, but can also help you to enhance your productivity. 

Ease of Administration - White label travel portal development can allow you to manage your business in a much better way. With the help of a number of advanced technologies, you can use minimum resources and ensure maximum output. You can also simplify your administrative processes by creating dashboards for your employees and customers. This can help you to keep track of the transactions without any huge error.

Better Customer Service - Using a travel agency software you can improve the quality of services that you provide to the customers. You can give them instant updates on their purchase requests. You can solve their queries at any time of the day. You can also post updates on the portal about the upcoming deals and keep your customers informed.

Real time Data - With Trip Mega Mart you can opt for a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration to your travel portal and connect your customers directly to the service providers. This would help travellers to check the availability of hotels, flights or other travel services. They would also be able to compare prices and find the best deals for themselves.

Essential Features of Portals

There are some features that can increase the efficiency of a travel portal.

Search menu

When travellers look for information on your portal, they must be able to find the exact thing without having to enter too many details. With an experienced travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can add relevant filter options to the platform.

Payment Gateway

Securing the sensitive financial data of customers is the responsibility of business owners. While you can add multiple payment gateways to your travel portal, you also need to ensure the safety measures for the gateways. Working with a professional travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart will let you integrate a reliable gateway on the portal for accepting payments from customers.


You can cater to the mobile centric consumers by building a travel portal that is accessible on mobile devices. It is important to have a portal that travellers can use from any location. When you create a portal that is mobile as well as user friendly, the chances of growing your business increases rapidly.

Multi Language

Hiring a skilled travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart will allow you to create a portal that travellers can view in any language. This feature of a travel portal allows agencies to expand their businesses across multiple locations.

Cloud Based

You can use a travel portal to access your company documents and transactions from remote locations. Connecting the portal to the cloud will enable you to prepare business reports or monitor your business even when you are not physically present. Moreover, you can be assured of the safety of data with a cloud based travel portal.

There are various other features that can help you to enhance the usefulness of your portal. A well-designed portal can allow you to save money, provide a good service to the customers, and also face less hassles in managing the business. This in turn will bring you more growth in the long run.

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