B2B2C Travel Portal Development in Africa

B2B2C Travel Portal Development in Africa

Africa is amongst the largest continents in terms of population and land area. There are fifty nations on the continent, various landforms, and many tribes and ethnic groupings. Africa is a wonderful tourist location that offers several options for people to enjoy their vacation. On African holidays, there is always something fascinating to do, from thrilling safaris in the wild to stunning beaches, a variety of cuisines, cultural activities, tourist sites, and more.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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With so many engaging activities, it might be prudent to establish a B2B2C travel platform in Africa. B2B2C Travel portal is the first e-commerce platform to link travel agents, retail travel buyers, and suppliers in a safe environment.

Trip Mega Mart is a trusted company that helps construct an intelligent platform where worldwide travel providers may offer hotels, tours, activities, excursions, car rentals, cruise bookings, vacation package systems, and other travel items to retail consumers, travel agents, and tour operators or directly to consumers.

What is a travel B2B2C portal?

It's the confluence of the B2B travel portal and B2C travel portal concept for complete services or partial product deals. Collaboration produces product distribution channels and services. A company that makes a product or service unites with others to create a distribution channel is a B2B2C model.

Here, agents may check room availability and wholesale rates, browse alternatives, compare multiple suppliers for the best prices, and book in real time with immediate confirmation. Each booking module pulls room data from integrated airlines suppliers, hotel suppliers, flight and hotel central reservation system, flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, car rental system, and directly contracted hotels and makes it worldwide. This platform gives travel agencies access to a vast inventory of travel-related material, allowing them to search and compare services with the end customer's needs, along with competitive pricing and a secure payment method.

Advantages of the B2B2C Travel Portal by Trip Mega Mart:

  • Flight, hotel, and bus inventory for real-time booking
  • Provide the most competitive price in the internet travel industry to both B2B and B2C customers.
  • Providing clients with websites that are easy, fast, and dynamic
  • Providing B2C customers with a safe online reservation system
  • Customization choices such as multicurrency, visa inquiry, etc.
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google reports analytics
  • Android mobile applications
  • Integrate your payment gateway for dependable and secure transactions.
  • Multiple payment alternatives are made available to all B2C travel websites.
  • Complete online B2B/B2C solution for booking flights, hotels, and buses
  • Highly configurable and user-friendly Admin Panel
  • APIs provide automated booking confirmation.
  • Travel content mapping – no duplicating search results
  • Extremely affordable website operation expenses and the flexibility to operate your internet business on a shoestring budget.
By eradicating the need to pay charges to sales agents, Trip Mega Mart offers the best B2B2C travel portal solutions worldwide, resulting in a multiplication of profit.

Trip Mega Mart specializes in portal design, programming, integrating several GDS's XML and APIs, testing, deployment to client host, and product maintenance with 24/7 technical and customer support.


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