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Not people around the world have discovered the beauty of the African country of Rwanda. Kigail, Nyanza, Musazane are beautiful towns that dot this country. Rwanda has beautiful forests, wildlife and natural features like volcanoes to attract tourists. Nowadays, as social media opens up the world for tourists, many more people have started to learn about Rwanda and many international visitors are even keen to visit the country. Travel businesses are cropping up in Rwanda to cater to this growing demand.

Travel start-up ideas in Africa: create your own online travel portal

  • Establishing a traditional travel agency is quite expensive as it involves expenses like renting and maintaining an office space and employing a number of employees. But online travel businesses are much faster, easier and cheaper to set up and they can be run from the comfort of one’s own home. Trip Mega Mart is the best travel portal development company in Rwanda. They have pre-build white label websites that can be customized so that business owners need not even take up the responsibility of creating their own websites.
  • Trip Mega Mart websites come with in-built flight reservation system in Africa and also hotel and car rental systems. These systems operate with the help of GDS API service. Trip Mega Mart uses the travel industry’s top API suppliers to collect real time data on tickets and prices and available rooms so that customers can make the bookings from their site itself. There is no need for customers to waste their time comparing and contrasting the prices and services on individual pages of hotel or flight suppliers.
  • Trip Mega Mart websites also have a payment portal so that customers can pay for their reservations. These payment portals are responsive and also safe. Third party payment portal integrations are also possible on these sites.
  • Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development in Africa takes great care to ensure that all websites are able to perform effectively on mobile phones, laptops, tablets and computers. The view is also optimized for different browser systems. The websites also add in admin access controls. This means that Trip Mega Mart clients who have the admin access keys can make some minor changes to their website front-end without needing any software coding skills.
  • Trip Mega Mart websites are also capable of scaling up which makes them perfect for all start-ups. A small travel business that starts operating at local/regional level today, can easily decide to scale up into a full-fledged international business while keeping the same site.

Web designing for B2B or B2C white label travel portal development in Africa

  • Trip Mega Mart websites are designed by teams of highly skilled professional web designers. They customize the website for each client with the brand name and the logo of the business. Some clients even decide to pay extra for special customizations like changes in layout, theme, colours. These changes are made so that the website becomes more aesthetically appealing to customers.
  • But Trip Mega Mart designers do not just stop at making websites pleasing to the eye. They also give equal importance to the usability of websites. Client retention is nearly impossible if a website is too difficult to use. All Trip Mega Mart websites are designed for intuitive usage. This means that people of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds will be able to use the website without any prior guidance if they have just some basic experience of using digital platforms.

Cost benefits of white label travel portal development in Africa

  • White label websites require much less time and manpower than completely new websites, so white labelwebsites are generally quite affordable. Trip Mega Mart white label prices are also average in terms of industry standards. In spite of their robust back-end service, string user-interface and multi-device optimization, Trip Mega Mart continues to price their travel portals very reasonably. There are multiple pricing plans and each plan has its own set of features and customizations included in the package. If a business owner needs it, individual travel agent portals can also be added on to the main website. This requires a small extra fee.
  • There is an annual fee of 25% of the website package cost. This cost covers maintenance and API service. Most client businesses agree that within a year of starting the business they are easily able to earn many times more than this small yearly charge. Trip Mega Mart customers only need to market their business through innovative marketing campaigns, all the rest is taken care of by Trip Mega Mart.

If you are a resident of Rwanda who is planning to start your own business then travel and tourism may be a great avenue for you to explore. The market has great potential for future growth, profits are lucrative and the initial investment for online travel portals is very low. So, get your Trip Mega Mart quote today and start chalking out the trajectory for your business growth. Allow international tourists that pleasure of exploring the beautiful country of Rwanda.

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