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Abuja is among the modern cities of Nigeria. It has several tourist attractions that contribute to the country's tourism industry. The Aso Rock, National Church, Wuse Market, Parade Square, Zuma Rock, and the National Mosque are some of the popular sites.

Travel agents can find ample opportunities to start travel business online in Abuja. The journey can get better with portals as they can offer various benefits to your company.

How to Obtain Travel Portal Solution in Abuja?

Finding an efficient travel portal requires the addition of effective features to the platform. With the help of an experienced white label travel portal development company one can not only obtain a travel portal easily but can also understand ways to develop one in such a way so as to make their business flourish. Let’s have a look at some of the eminent features that a travel portal should have:

Search Engine

You must add a search filter to your portal to allow travellers to find information according to their choices. The customers must be able to search for services based on their date of journey, package varieties, suitable prices, and amenities. By collaborating with a skilled travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart you can also let your customers save the information in their list of favourites.


Building a travel agency software that helps you to connect with your customers based on their interest can make a great contribution to the success of your business. Experts like Trip Mega Mart can help you to optimize your portal and add features that can serve the needs of your customers in the best possible manner. With an optimized portal you can also increase the scope of attracting more customers to your brand.

Relevant Products

Depending on the market scenario you need to add products that can fulfil the travel needs of customers. You can choose a car rental system or other such popular services that are in demand among travellers now. Portals let you operate multiple products through a single platform. With professionals like Trip Mega Mart, you can obtain a portal that allows you to work with various products without facing any difficulty.


Another way of using a travel portal solution to expand your business effectively is adding a payment gateway to the platform. Letting customers pay for their purchases directly on the portal can help in gaining their trust and loyalty towards your brand. You can ensure the safety of the data of your customers by integrating a reliable payment gateway to your portal.

Benefits of Travel Portals

Using a travel portal can have various benefits for your business.

  • Increased Sales - When it comes to enhancing visibility and increasing revenue of a travel business, there is nothing that works better than a portal. Tourism portal development can help you to connect with a larger number of customers. You can add more products and have a better chance of gaining customers for your services.
  • Cloud Based Operation - With an experienced travel website/portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can integrate your portal to the cloud. This can enable you to maintain a better control on the administration of your business. You can conduct the administrative work from any location without disrupting the workflow.
  • Effective Customer Service - Portals can let you maintain a 24*7 help desk for your customers. You can interact with the travellers at any time. You can offer instant solutions to your customers by addressing their concerns through auto responses. This is not just helpful in serving your customers better, but can also let you understand the common issues that your customers face.
  • Instant Services - With a GDS integration service you can accelerate your processes and increase the productivity of your business. This feature of a portal can let you work faster and with better efficiency.

Portals can help you to improve your services and work at a much faster rate. You can integrate your portal to the cloud and enjoy access to your business transactions from remote locations. However, make sure that you add certain important features to the website such as a payment gateway and products that are useful for the travellers.

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