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According to seasoned world travelers Monastir is one of Tunisia’s most stunning tourist destinations. It has beautiful sandy beaches where tourists can swim and sun-bathe. There are also various historically significant architectural sites which can provide a glimpse into the rich heritage of the country. So, it may be a great idea right now to start a travel agency business in Monastir. But starting a business is not a simple process, it requires proper planning and investment to have the best chance at success. As a result, online business ventures are also gaining a lot of popularity because of their ease of setting up and their low investment requirements.

Let us learn how to set up and start an online travel agency business

Online travel agencies have become very popular in recent years. But contrary to popular belief all these sites are not brand new portals developed from the start by a team of software developers. In most cases entrepreneurs are now choosing to go for white label travel portal development.

A white label portal is like the bare bones of a website that a company develops and sells to different clients. But the site is customized for the needs of each client. Trip Mega Mart is Tunisia’s best known white label travel portal design and development company.

Trip Mega Mart is an internationally acclaimed brand known for their high-performance white label portals in different e-commerce sectors. But they are especially famed for their travel portal catalogue.

All Trip Mega Mart white label portals have a flight and hotel reservation central system powered by GDS integration service running on real-time data from multiple suppliers. This makes the Trip Mega Mart sites an easy and convenient repository for travel related information that customers can access at one go. Car rental systems and holiday package systems can also be included to Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions to make them even more comprehensive for travel planning. All the sites also have their own in-built payment systems.

At Trip Mega Mart the process for becoming a business owner starts with the client picking out their preferred website model from the available portfolio. There are different models with different prices so that entrepreneurs with smaller budgets can also make their dreams come true. Trip Mega Mart prices in general are quite affordable compared to their other industry competitors.

Once the website model is chosen it is time for the client to make minor alterations to the list of features that their business will want to offer. These alterations require small extra charges. After the features are finalized begins the process of customization.

Trip Mega Mart developers always make sure that their sites have the client’s business name and branding added to it before delivery. Then the client’s requirements in terms of minor design changes like colour modifications and layout shuffles are completed. The end product is completely unique and fitted to the client’s business plan and target audience.

But the designs are never allowed to interfere with the usability of the interface. Intuitive interfaces are a major USP of all Trip Mega Mart sites.

All this customization is completed within a week and a fully functional website is delivered to the client. They also get a year of free support services. Afterwards they have to pay an annual maintenance cover that comes to around 15% of the original price of the website.

Finals steps: start earning a profit with your travel technology software

You must be wondering that how is a client supposed to start earning from this website that they have purchase. Trip Mega Mart sites are scalable, so clients first have to choose whether they want their site to service only local customers or a larger international customer-base. Trip Mega Mart also saves business owners the hassle of getting mobile applications for their sites because all Trip Mega Mart travel portals are compatible with smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Even after the business starts raking in some profits, it may be necessary for the business owner to make some modifications to their pricing and services. This can be done by using the admin controls available with each site. The business owner can use these control accesses to make minor modifications to their business websites that do not require software code changes.

Contact Trip Mega Mart today to get access to a simple, affordable and yet comprehensive business model that can turn any lay man into a successful business owner.

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