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Uganda is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful countries not only in Africa, but in the world. So setting up a travel agency business in Africa with Trip Mega Mart portals for the Ugandan tourism market is a good idea. The terrain of Uganda is blessed with dense forests, snow-capped mountains, sprawling savannas, and icy lakes. The country is so beautiful that Winston Churchill once called Uganda as the pearl of Africa.

Uganda has some of planet’s best wildlife. The national parks here are amongst the best. Bwindi, Rwenzori, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison, Kibale, Nile, Mt. Elgon, Semliki, Kidepo, and Lake Mburo are the main wildlife sanctuaries in Uganda. People from all over the world throng these places. The visits to these wildlife parks are unending.

Ugandan travel and tourism market

  • The travel and tourism market in Uganda is a mix of leisure and adventure travelers. Using Trip Mega Mart travel portal developers in Africa travel agencies can serve these visitors via an automated travel solution.
  • Analysts believe that the tourism sector’s growth in this country will be driven by how well adventure tourism establishes itself. So, the opportunities are immense for those wishing to start travel business from home in Africa.
  • The adventure tour sector in Uganda is vast because of the innumerable avenues for adventure and recreational activities. Birdwatching, hiking, cultural tourism, safari, and several other adventure activities are popular here. Adventure travel exists for all types of budgets – small, medium, high.
  • Adventure travelers tend to arrive in the country in groups. Independent adventurists prefer to use online portals to book services. Either way, a travel agency having an online portal goes a long way in building close relationships with clients.
  • European travelers show keen interest in adventure tourism in Uganda. But to woo them, a degree of professionalism and service quality is required. Once this is in place via a Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution in Africa, travel agencies can expect a surge of European traveler visits to this nation.

Uganda’s potential as a valuable tourist destination was for long understated. But that has changed. Currently the government of Uganda in association with several private-public consortiums is willing to invest in this sector. And with it comes a lot of opportunities for growth and expansion for those exploring travel start-ups ideas in Africa, ideas to start online travel agency business in Africa, travel franchisee opportunities in Africa or travel start-up opportunities in Africa.

So how can travel agencies tap into the Ugandan travel market?

Offer discrete adventure services

Given the extent of adventure travel that is possible in Uganda, it is best to build readymade portals offering one type of adventure travel service. An agency specializing in international travel portal development in Africa or online travel portal development in Africa can be tasked with this.

For example, a travel portal dedicated to game viewing will offer just that – game viewing travel services including associated services. Similarly, Chimpanzee tracking is another type of adventure activity. A web portal or web application can be built only for this activity. This type of travel portal development in Africa and low travel portal development cost in Africa can fetch long term growth.

By offering discrete services to visitors through a travel portal solution online in Africa, the service quality improves. Travel, tour and adventure service providers become specialists rather than generalists. Highly discerning travelers especially from Europe would appreciate this type of service. They will be able to do full justice to their experiences. Rather than having a jumbled and confusing adventure travel experience.

Offer quality booking services

Visitors from outside the country are looking for quality accommodation, bikes, motorbikes, cars, food, flights, airport services, clothing etc. A travel portal of a travel agency built by a renowned white label travel portal development company in Africa should provide all of these booking services.

Trip Mega Mart provides ready-made Flight & Hotel Aggregators for Travel Agents in Africa, Flight & Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents in Africa, and Flight Reservation System in Africa. These ready-made portals or modules can be used or customized as per the travel agency’s requirements.

The travel agency can also integrate with third-party service providers using the services of Trip Mega Mart Travel Website Development in Africa. Apart from GDS Flight API Integration in Africa at low GDS Flight API Integration Cost in Africa, Trip Mega Mart can provide custom development for these types of integrations too. The travel portal should integrate only with vetted and verified service providers who can and have been able to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

Given the rise of accommodation projects in Uganda to support the influx of travelers, it is a good opportunity for travel agencies to provide indirect or direct booking. Travel agencies can partner with accommodation and travel service providers in this regard.

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