Travel Portal Development Cost in Africa

Travel Portal Development Cost in Africa

While the importance of a travel portal for a travel agency cannot be denied, the importance of a good travel portal from Trip Mega Mart makes a huge difference. The way how to develop travel portal in Africa is to give travelers first priority, and be the first point of service or reference for them.

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Traveling to Africa would have been a dream for so many awe-struck people. They would have seen and heard of the wildlife, scenery, and tribes of Africa. They would have heard about deep dense forests, native inhabitants of such forests, and exotic flora and fauna. International travel portal development in Africa should focus on providing adequate services to these travelers. However, one must also consider the travel portal development cost when planning such a venture.

Such visitors to Africa need the services of a good portal and travel portal solution online in Africa. They should feel empowered to self-service their needs via this portal. Only then can travel agencies increase customers, repeat customers, and build reputation. So those planning to start a travel agency business in Africa or have expansive ideas to start an online travel agency business in Africa can use Trip Mega Mart ready-made portals for getting a whole range of benefits of a white label portal in Africa. But again, the travel portal development cost is a crucial factor that needs to be taken into account in the planning stage.

What are the advantages of deploying a Trip Mega Mart website?

Tour attractions and allied details

Details of tours, travel services, additions to existing services are dynamic in nature. They are subject to change due to various factors. These details can be presented to travelers on the website built by this white label travel portal development company in Africa. The presentation should be unambiguous and easily discernible. Travel portal development in Africa can provide dedicated user spaces and bulletin boards for this purpose. The cost to start online travel agency business in Africa with features such as this is minimal. By presenting a complete list of local and international tour, visitor, or traveler information, the travel agency is ensuring there is no misinformation or lack of information.

Uploading destination images, map details, and other pictures

A Trip Mega Mart travel portal is a good place to see images of places, people, things, accommodations, historic sites etc. HD images of important traveler information can be uploaded to the travel portal. This B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa firm can customize the site to provide these services. Even maintaining a blog would fulfill this need. Maintaining a blog and inviting existing customers to blog or vlog about their experiences will provide an invaluable repository of information.

As an example, if there is a blog that details a trip to the Egypt along with photos and images, it gives travelers who are planning to visit Egypt an idea of what to expect. The blog can also inform readers on the do’s and don’ts in a foreign land. This type of first-hand experience of visiting a place and blogging about it is a great way to spread reliable information by those wanting to establish their travel franchise opportunities in Africa.

Day-wise details

Travelers often want to know how their holiday will commence, from the first day onwards. So travel agencies should also provide features in their online travel portal development in Africa that makes it easy to automate the online posting of such personalized or general information. Travelers would want a detailed list of activities planned. A travel agency could be using a third-party travel service to offer the service. The third-party travel service can directly upload these details to the user’s online account on the Trip Mega Mart portal. If these are customized tours, then day-wise itineraries are different for different people.

Setting up a travel agency business in Africa without a travel portal that provides these details would prove to be cumbersome. These details would have to be retrieved manually, and explained over email or phone. If the day-wise itinerary is subject to change, then this process has to be repeated. There is this element of manual error in such processes. This can be easily avoided by automating the sharing of information in a travel portal. The objective of B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa is to reduce manual entry to a minimum, and maximize automation.

Virtual tour

Sometimes travelers want to feel what it is to be like in a location. Travel services providers can provide such travelers a virtual tour of these locations on their Trip Mega Mart portals with low travel website development cost in Africa. These are HD videos that could be shot with a 3D video camera or a normal camera or even a smartphone camera. The video can be uploaded to the user’s or user-group account.

Virtual tours can also be paid ones. Travel website development in Africa can be modified to provide paid virtual tours. Travelers only want to see a place virtually without being physically present. In such cases, travel services providers can shoot virtual tours, and provide them in a phased approach to customers via a travel portal.


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