Online Travel Portal Development in Africa

Online Travel Portal Development in Africa

Planning a holiday in Africa can be an exciting yet tiring work for travelers. One must make reservations ahead of time to avoid unavailability at the last minute. This is why travel agents are preferred. However, the popularity of the online market urges travel agents to break the conventions and opt for online travel portal development in Africa. If you’re wondering how to build a travel portal, this is a crucial step. There are various iconic places in Africa where travelers gather every year in huge numbers. These include Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Cairo, and Tanzania. To cater effectively to the profitable travel sector of Africa, setting up a travel agency with Trip Mega Mart can help your business to reach great heights.

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What is Online Travel Portal development in Africa?

An online travel agency is a marketplace that operates through the internet and allows travelers to book travel products online. Travelers can book hotel rooms, flights, cruises, car services, and even activities right on the travel portal. This helps not just travelers to plan their holidays with ease, but also let’s travel agents market their business better and reach out to a wider customer. Service providers can easily list their services on the portal without paying any charges. Once their service is booked, the agent keeps a commission and pays the rest amount to the provider. There are several advantages that make travel portal development for agents in Africa a preferred choice. Understanding how to build a travel portal is key to tapping into this profitable market.

Benefits of Travel Portal Solution Online in Africa

Travel portals offers a plethora of benefits that makes it feasible for agents to start travel agency business in Africa. Travel portals are preferred by travelers and travel agents for a number of reasons.

Easy to Access - Customers can access travel portals anywhere and at any time. This means you can see bookings coming up even at the most unexpected hours or seasons. As all information are available on the website you create with Trip Mega Mart, it is extremely convenient for both the travelers and the travel agent to complete the booking process.

Cost Effective - Travel portals are less expensive to setup and maintain as compared to an offline travel agency. You can partner with a number of travel service providers and host their services on your portal at low or no cost. As customers are more likely today to look online for making travel plans, the success rate of your travel business increases greatly with online portals.

Live Inventory Tracking - Travel portals with GDS flight API integration in Africa let customers access a huge inventory of hotel rooms, flight tickets, car rentals, and packages. This widens the available options for customers. Price Comparison - Trip Mega Mart can design a portal that allow travelers to track the prices of hotels and other travel products and make comparison to find the best deal for themselves. You can provide customers with the option for setting notification when there is a change in price of their preferred hotel or flight. This helps in providing better deals to customers and enriching your customer service.

Rescheduling - Travelers can reschedule or cancel their bookings based on their convenience. There is usually a charge involved for last-minute cancellations. But the charge is much less as travel portals are cheaper to maintain than travel agencies. Moreover, travelers can reschedule their travel plans on their own right from the portal. The travel agent need not to be contacted for the whole process.

Essential Features of Travel Portals

Travel portals can support loads of features that facilitate travel business and, in turn, determines travel portal development cost in Africa. While you may have specific requirements for your business, there are some travel products that you must offer to keep pace with the current trends.

● User Friendly Interface - You would hear about this feature in almost all places. This is because if customers do not have a smooth browsing experience on your website they would immediately turn to some other option. So, Trip Mega Mart designs simple icons and filter options that customers can understand easily.

● Upfront Pricing Details - If you provide attractive deals to customers and lead them through web pages only to mention the price details at the end, you would lose customers not just for the current deal but probably for the future as well. It is advisable that you keep a transparent approach with your customers. You need to let them know the service charge so that both you and the customer can save time.

● Publish Reviews - Customers these days are prone to read reviews before opting for a service or selecting a provider. So, Trip Mega Mart integrates travel portals with unbiased reviews from trusted sources. This would help customers to know you better and opt for your services. You can also ask your happy customers to leave their comments on exchange of loyalty bonus or some gift coupons.

Travel portals are, therefore, extremely useful for setting up a travel agency business in Africa. With expert services from Trip Mega Mart, you can make your travel business grow immensely and connect to millions of travelers online.


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