Travel Technology Solutions Company in Africa

Travel Technology Solutions Company in Africa

As much as the decision to start travel agency business in Africa is a desirable one, so is hiring a travel technology solutions company in Africa. Such a company will do the travel agency a world of good. From travel portal development to consulting, this type of company is an able partner in the success, transformation, and adaptability of the travel agency.


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Why is there a surge of traveler traffic to Africa?

Opening up of economies to traveler traffic

Travel and tourism was for a large part operated by government run institutions in Africa, often denying those with travel start-ups ideas in Africa information on how to start travel agency business in Africa. After realizing the potential that Africa tourism had, many private companies and travel consortiums have taken over. These private agencies decided to start travel agency business online in Africa with Trip Mega Mart portals, leveraging their travel technology solution.

Either by partnering with travel and tourism government establishments, or as standalone private enterprises, these private travel entities have brought about standardization of travel policies. This has helped any travel agency starting afresh get a better perspective of how to start travel business online in Africa with a Trip Mega Mart portal, which offers a comprehensive travel technology solution.

Tours and travel market has undergone regulation, which has made it easy to start travel business from home in Africa. There are fixed guidelines that travel agencies, travel operators, third-party service providers, and travelers have to follow when traveling through Africa. Policies and protocols ensure that all participants in the travel process function consistently and predictably. All of this, along with the implementation of a robust travel technology solution, has dramatically brought down the cost to start an online travel agency business in Africa.

Such process standardization has brought about renewed traveler interest in Africa. People of countries that first expressed their apprehensions of traveling through this continent, are now willfully doing so, and even making repeat visits. An increase in traveler interest has triggered fresh ideas to start online travel agency business in Africa with Trip Mega Mart portals.

Tourism Action Plan

The African Union, which comprises of a group of African countries, has developed the Tourism Action Plan (TAP). This plan endorses tourism as amongst Africa’s primary growth drivers. Many travel agencies fully leveraged the benefits of white label travel portal in Africa from Trip Mega Mart based on TAPs travel-agency friendly manifesto. Also included as per the TAP manifesto is the long term vision for Africa, providing stimulus, emphasis, and impetus for travel franchise opportunities in Africa.

The continent will be envisioned as the tourism destination of choice of the 21st century. Many travel agencies got wind of this fact and started online portals from Trip Mega Mart, the premier B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa, B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa, and B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa company.

Setting the pace in this regard is the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Comprised of 15 countries, ECOWAS has introduced a policy where travelers can freely move amongst member states on a single visa. That’s why it becomes easier for White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa from Trip Mega Mart, as there is less complexity in automation of visa disbursals than it were if there were separate visas required.

The African economy is also improving fast. Cumulatively, the growth of tourism of all African countries is growing faster than its economies. A majority of growth in tourism has been witnessed in sub-Saharan African countries. Out of 48 countries, about 33 of them have experienced increase in traveler traffic.

How can a travel agency benefit from a travel technology solutions company in Africa?

Travel portal

At the minimum, a travel portal is required with nominal travel portal development cost in Africa – something that Trip Mega Mart does. Online travel portal development in Africa should serve as a reference for anything and everything people wish to know. It should a 360 degrees portal, offering everything including a secure online channel where travelers can transact with ease via the travel portal solution online in Africa. They should be able to search for accommodations, travel rentals, service providers, packers, safari operators, exotic tours providers, hotel chains, custom dining services, and the list goes on. A travel portal should be able to handle variety, versatility, and volume needs of the travelers who come to Africa.


Africa is largely untapped. It is difficult to gain complete information on all of the numerous varied these destinations. Unless someone went there personally and blogged about it; getting quality and vetted information is difficult. Added to it is the confusion on the places to go, things to do, foods to eat, precautions to take – and all of such questions that can arise when traveling through Africa. If a travel agency cannot handle such types of information, it is better to offload this responsibility to seek consulting services to understand how to cater travel services to attract customers.


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