Travel Start-ups Ideas in Africa

Travel Start-ups Ideas in Africa

Travel and tourism is a lucrative sector of the African economy. Countries like Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa regularly earn large revenues from international tourists. But the competition in this market is also intense. There are some established who dominate the market and there are newer players who are pushing out older companies every day. In this situation it is becoming increasingly important for travel start-up ideas in Africa to start on a strong footing. Travel start-ups are now looking towards online portals to reach out to a large range of customers with instant travel solutions.

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Ideas to Start Online Travel Agency Business in Africa

One of the simplest and quickest ways to start-off an online travel business in Africa is with the help of white label travel portal. Trip Mega Mart is the most reliable travel white label travel portal development company in Africa. They provide unique websites with a strong backend that can handle high volumes traffic of visitors without any glitches or crashes.

Trip Mega Mart websites come with GDS flight API integration in Africa. API integration is essential for all online travel businesses as it is this API integration which allows the company to let its customers book flight tickets and reserve hotel rooms directly. The API provider collects real time information from a variety of sources to expedite immediate confirmed bookings. API systems can also handle car reservations/bookings, tour packages or other auxiliary travel services.

Trip Mega Mart travel portals are also equipped with the best payment portals. These portals guarantee safe payments without loss of funds or privacy leaks. The transactions are on click and completed at high speeds. Third party payment gateways can also be integrated into the systems very easily.

Trip Mega Marttravel website development in Africa is well known also because of their easy admin access which allows any layman with admin access to make some minor changes in services and prices on the websites. There is no need for small entrepreneurs to hire specialists to modify their travel package listings on the site. The business owner can do it themselves irrespective of their technical knowledge.

B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa

Trip Mega Mart creates B2B travel portals with great functional features. Their websites also offer complete scalability. This means that a business owner can grow their website from a local service to an international service with just a few simple steps.

But one of the biggest attractions of Trip Mega Mart websites is their design capability. They employ very talented designers with years of industry experience. These designers are able to work with all kinds of client requirements to come up with a design that suits the client’s business ethos.

All Trip Mega Mart travel portals are customized. Every website shows the brand name, logo, theme colors of the client business. Additional customizations can also be requested by the client with some extra pay.

The designers always give utmost priority to user-accessibility and user-friendliness. The websites have some exciting design features but the primary goal is to ensure that customers can navigate the website and perform all their tasks intuitively.

The websites are also optimized for usage on all kinds of devices. It performs the same on mobile view as well as computer view. The site is also compatible with different browsers and software applications. The high performance level of Trip Mega Mart websites impresses customers and helps the client build trust with their target audience. This makes it easier for the travel business to create and sustain a brand identity.

Travel Portal Development Cost in Africa

Trip Mega Mart services are quite affordable considering the kind of quality of service and the years of experience and reputation that they bring to the table. Their services come in a number of different plans. Each plan has its own payment breakup and list of features. Travel agent portals can also be added on to a website.

They charge their clients a small annual fee. But this fee is just 25% of the initial plan and includes maintenance as well as continued API service from renowned API service operators.

Africa is a large continent with many countries and each country has its own story to tell. There is plenty of scope for tourists to visit this continent multiple times and find something new every single time. But travelers are also constantly on the lookout for a better deal or better service. So, travel business owners also need to keep up with the changing needs of customers. Online travel portals have now become an absolute necessity for travel businesses in order to establish legitimacy. A travel portal with Trip Mega Mart is a low investment model with high potential future rewards if it can be paired with good advertising and efficient performance. So, stop curbing your business dreams and get started today to create your dream travel business that will help the world discover the wonders of Africa.


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