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Kano in Nigeria is a beautiful city with lots of historical sites and beautiful hotels and resorts for tourists to enjoy. Kano may not yet be at the top of international travel bucket lists, but it is soon gaining popularity as an idyllic place to spend a vacation and explore the culture of Nigeria.

So, if you are aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria looking to begin your own business venture then a travel agency business can be a great starting point for you. But do not spend unnecessarily on a physical travel agency office; make use of white label travel portal development to start a low investment online travel business.

Best travel portal development company in Nigeria

Trip Mega Mart is the top travel portal development company in Nigeria. Trip Mega Mart creates white label B2B and B2C travel websites. This means that the websites are created by customizing a basic pre-existing software structure. Let us look into some features of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions:

1. Trip Mega Mart uses top rated suppliers for their GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. This allows each website to have its own flight booking engine and hotel booking engine that can show real time price and booking availability information from a variety of airline suppliers and hotel suppliers.

2. Car rental systems and holiday package systems can also be included in Trip Mega Mart websites.

3. These features save the customer’s time as they do not have to manually browse different websites and can get all their travel arrangements done on one single website.

4. Trip Mega Mart sites are also optimized to perform with the safe speed, responsiveness and efficiency on all kinds of devices like smart phones, computers, laptops and tablets.

5. Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions also have their native payment systems. These systems have various security features and make it convenient for customers to complete their transactions in just a few simple steps.

6. Third party payment portals may also be integrated into Trip Mega Mart sites if the business owner wants to do so.

7. Trip Mega Mart sites are also very flexible in their scale of operations. Business owners can choose if they want their online travel portal to operate at a local level, a regional level or an international level.

8. Last, but not the least, Trip Mega Mart sites have a number of admin access features which allow business owners to make minor modifications to their website without having to change any of the existing software code.

Picking a design for your white label travel portal development

Trip Mega Mart sites are all individually customized for each client. That means that the website will have the business name and branding requested by each client. Even though a basic white label structure will be used for all the sites, the ultimate end product will be totally unique and seem like it was designed for a particular business.

The designers may also incorporate other changes in colors, fonts and themes if they are requested by the client. But the end goal of the entire design process is to create a very seamless, intuitive user-experience that will keep customers coming back.

All Trip Mega Mart sites are very user-friendly and have a specific aesthetic that smart marketers can utilize to build a strong brand identity among customers.

Paying for a travel website design and development company

White label travel website development companies like Trip Mega Mart are much cheaper than hiring developers to create a brand-new website. Trip Mega Mart prices are also quite reasonable and flexible.

There are different website plans that client’s can opt for depending on their budget. Each plan has its own list of features and customization services. Clients however can change up a few features in their plan by paying a small extra fee for each additional change.

Adding individual travel agent portals to integrated travel agency software are also quite affordable and a popular service among business owners.

White label travel portals are a very low investment business initiative, but Trip Mega Mart clients do have to pay an annual maintenance fee. This fee is just 25% of the original website plan cost and can easily be recovered from the travel portal business within a year of operations.

Do you feel that you can contribute positively to the tourism industry of Kano? Are you passionate about putting Nigeria on the world tourism map? Then invest in your own white label travel portal from Trip Mega Mart right away. Book your first consultation to find out the potential investment needed to start the business that you have dreamt about for years.

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